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Pick an Angel Affirmation

Seeking guidance from the divine? Ask your angels to guide you to the perfect affirmation that will help you remember what you need to know today.

Pick an Angel Prayer

A prayer is a thought and request sent with the intention and desire for divine intervention to occur. So take a moment and ask for guidance to pick the perfect prayer for you day and expect miracles.

Divine Miracles

These are real life stories about divine intervention and the miracles people experience when they invite the angels into their lives. May these stories inspire you to call on your angels to share in the miracles of love.


Receive guidance, healing and invoke miracles as Karen shares inspiration in this collection of videos from her group workshops and personal messages of support.

Divine Inspiration

Know that your soul and your divine support will guide you to read the perfect message of inspiration today to support you with love and guidance.

Free Teleseminars and Radio Shows

Karen shares in her teleseminars and her Miracle Messages Radio Show the power of the soul, working with divine guidance and how to discover the miracles that lie within you when you re-awaken to your divine self.