Soul Entrainment®

Your Soul knows everything about you - past, present and future. 

It is your Divine essence, your eternal self

and it holds all the answers.

  • Is fear and confusion controlling your life and your decisions?
  • Are you repeating the same patterns over and over again?
  • Do you feel stuck or feel as though you can’t get out of your own way?
  • Are you searching for answers and struggling to find a resolution?

Then realize there are no coincidences and your soul brought you here at this moment in time. Read on and pay attention to how you feel, as you discover how just one Soul Entrainment® session can help you bring healing, clarity and insight to anything you want answered or resolved in your life.


Soul Entrainment® was gifted to me in 1996 during meditation when I was Soul searching.  I wanted to know the answer to the simple question, “How can I see into the Soul?” I was shown how to access my Soul’s higher wisdom and I began to experience miracles that empowered me to heal and gain clarity about my life and my purpose in being here.

Since then, I have used this technique to help thousands of people around the world gain access to the wisdom and healing power of their Soul. I believe I am the lucky one. , During every session, I witness miracles unfold.  I have discovered beyond any doubt… that the Soul knows all the answers and wants to guide and help heal the individual for their highest and best.

My mission is to help others heal and remember their magnificence.  Through the power of Soul Entrainment® you can reconnect with your truth.  The answers you are looking for dwell within, and with the help of your Soul, you can be happy, achieve your goals and live your best life.

I use my training as a Certified Hypnotist to guide you effortlessly into relaxation and higher levels of consciousness where you can easily connect to the essence of your Soul. At the same time, I become one with your Soul and use my intuitive and psychic abilities to support and guide you to the healing and answers needed to achieve your goals and intentions.

Teleseminar recorded about Soul Entrainment® with Karen Paolino Correia and the National Guild of Hypnotists. Enjoy learning everything you need to know about this powerful modality.

How can Soul Entrainment® help you?

  • The soul will help you discover everything you need to know about your past, present, and future and it will always guide you with unconditional love and protection
  • The soul helps you heal the root cause of your fears and blocks so you can move forward
  • Gain insight into your future and what steps to take to move forward
  • Heal and receive guidance about relationship issues, health, career, and life purpose
  • Discover your true magnificence, worth, and gifts
  • Receive guidance on how you can create more love (for self and others), joy, peace and fulfillment in your life
  • Discover and connect with your guardian angels and spiritual helpers for support and guidance
  • Reconnect with your loved ones in spirit and heal grief and receive messages
  • Receive healing of a past life if its connected to achieving your goals in the present and future

What happens during the session?

In the first half hour we will discuss the issues you are dealing with and what you would like to heal, achieve or gain clarity on as it pertains to any aspect of your life.  Because of the power of these sessions and you are working with your Soul, you can work on multiple issues or questions during one session.

Then I will ask you if you have any questions you would like to ask your Soul (which is one with God, universe and all that is).

Next, I will guide you into a deep relaxation and higher states of consciousness where you will easily and effortlessly connect with your Soul. At the same time I become one with your Soul’s energy and your Soul will use my intuitive and psychic abilities to help guide you to your own healing and the answers you need to achieve your goals.

We will close the session by talking about your experience, picking a Soul card and giving action steps to integrate the information and guidance shared during your session. You will receive written notes to refer back to all of the information and guidance that is shared during your session. This will be very helpful during your integration process and you will also receive an audio recording of my Spark the Light Soul Meditation so you can stay connected to the guiding light of your Soul.

Karens unique modality has literally changed my life! Her powerful work has helped me shift awareness and appreciate the beauty in all of lifes gifts and lessons. Although its not always easy to accept and embrace those gifts, I have learned to face my fears and follow my heart. The results and miracles that I have seen in my life are amazing!

- Roxanne

A single soul session with you did more for me than almost anything I can think of. With your guidance, I felt safe enough to really have a look at myself and connect with my true self. I was able to listen to my soul, free of all judgmental voices which have always been such a barrier. I look forward to discovering more with joy, anticipation and excitement, knowing that I do have the tools with which to work. I am profoundly grateful.

- Bill

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being angels on this earth and for doing what you do to help people find their TRUE SOUL.  I have been very blessed in my time of need to find such wonderful people, classes, training and relief in my life since I have met you.

- Terry

Contact me to schedule a Soul Entrainment® Session

You can achieve many goals and get a lot accomplished in one session when working with the Soul. A Soul Entrainment® session is an hour and a half. Sessions may be successfully done through Zoom, FaceTime or Skype or in-person at my office in Rhode Island.

Thank you! I look forward to connecting with you and your Soul!


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To Contact Karen for Group Sessions or Speaking Engagements

Karen is also available for group sessions, book signings, workshops, keynote speaking and retreats. To find out more about her workshops, classes, events or to receive a press kit, please contact Karen at or call her at 781- 857-1444.

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