Divine Miracle Stories

The following are real-life stories about divine intervention and the miracles people experience when they invite the angels into their lives. The stories here and in my book, The Everything Guide to Angels, will inspire you and show you how the angels work. Invite the manifestations of miracles into your life and trust that the angels love you dearly and they want to help you in any way they can.

I would be honored if you would like to share your personal Divine miracle with others who visit this website for inspiration. I truly believe we are all here to help each other realize that we are never alone and we are very loved. May we inspire each other to remember that miracles are available to us in every moment.

Please send your story to Karen at karen@createheaven.com.

Erin’s Miraculous Dream

Erin’s miracle will remind you about the power of prayer and to pray for your own personal miracles.

Divine ErinI was praying to the Blessed Mother Mary and Archangel Rafael but mostly to Mary about a friend of the family’s little girl who was going through chemo and was running temps of 105F and over. She couldn’t battle the temperatures because her immune system was so low due to the chemo. So every time I thought of the little girl I asked Mary and Archangel Raphael to help her and watch over her. This went on for four to five days. Then one night before I went to bed, I asked Mary again to help this little girl. I never remember my dreams, but this one I will never forget.

I was at my house when an angel came to see me. The angel took me to the hospital room of the little girl. I had never been to the hospital to see her because she was so sick and we didn’t want to give her any germs to make her worse. When I got there the whole room was filled with angels. So many were there that I didn’t know how I was going to get in the room. The angels cleared a path for me so I could get to the bedside, where I saw Mary sitting beside the bed. Mary looked at me and said, “Don’t worry, everything is going to be all right.” I said thank you and I felt calmed. I woke up at this point and I felt very peaceful and I went back to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning I checked the website of the hospital where the family posted messages on how the little girl is doing. When I read it I got all filled up. It said that the little girl’s fever broke and she was doing much better. One week later the doctors took a spinal tap and some blood tests and shortly after we found out that the little girl is now in remission! Thank you Mary, Archangel Raphael, and all the angels for helping this little girl! She is home now from the hospital and doing much better! Thank you! Thank you!

Hopefully Erin’s dream will inspire you to pray for others when they are in need of healing. The angels will be right by their side comforting and healing them. Your prayers are more powerful than you imagine and when you feel helpless and you don’t know what to do, turn to prayer. Know that all will benefit including yourself and the one you are praying for.

~Excerpt from The Everything Guide to Angels Book

Mirror, Mirror is my Child

Divine MirrorThis is a story about love, courage, great pain and forgiveness. It is the experience of my life as a mother and the amazing lessons that were bestowed upon me by divine grace through the mirror image of my child, Benjamin. I saw this as an opportunity to learn and grow in this life and move beyond lifetimes of victim hood, codependency, deprivation and human suffering. This is also a story of hope for others who live with children suffering with obsessive compulsive and bipolar disorders.

I began my life with two main ingredients. First, I had a deep knowing that I was here, in some way, to serve a higher purpose that was somehow connected to God. On the opposite polarity, I had a deep fear that I wasn’t good enough to become that which I saw inside myself. My fears were reaffirmed for me through the relationships I chose in this life. I have come to believe that all of the players in my life were placed in my path to help me grow and vice versa.

I lived the first half of my life in emotional chaos and abandonment and tended to my wounds through alcohol, drugs and co-dependent relationships. I created a deep-seated belief that I was a victim of circumstances beyond my control. By the time I was 16, I could have become the poster child for “the kid from the school of hard knocks, high school dropout, drug addict and child of a lesser God.” I had no idea of the strength that lived inside me. As it turned out, I pulled myself up by the bootstraps and through hard work, determination and drive I began to create a life for myself and was quite successful both financially and academically. But, that is another story.

By age 27, I began my journey as wife and mother. I have three beautiful, amazing and creative, artistic, powerful and empowered children. All three came into the world with an enormous strength of will. My middle child, however, was over the top and became extremely difficult very early in his life. Even before my sweet baby boy Benjamin was three years old, it was quite obvious that I was dealing with something extraordinary. From the time he could move his beautiful hands, he was creating fear-based rituals and exhibiting behavioral patterns that went beyond the normal experience of most children. When he reached school age, he was performing a continuous stream of rituals before he could eat, go into school, get in the car, or go to bed. One minute he was angelic, sweet, kind and empathic and the next he would turn into a tyrant – difficult, demanding, almost demonic. I had no idea what to do to help my child, much less protect myself, my husband and my other two children from his strong, negative energy.

To make it worse, Ben’s problems seemed to be directly related to me. His violent and defiant episodes, which at times happened two or three times a day and lasted for hours, seemed to be triggered off by me – Me – his beautiful, loving, nurturing mother who went into the experience of parenting with an open and loving heart and a desire to raise my children differently than I had been raised. How could this be? What was I doing wrong? In my own history, I had been the ultimately wronged child in my family of origin. Was there somehow a link? Most certainly there had to be!

Years of conventional therapy, medications and behavior techniques were unable to penetrate this insanity. Our lives were falling apart on a daily basis and we were becoming more and more separate from the world around us as family and friends had great difficulty being in our presence. As much as they loved us, they couldn’t help us.

Through a daily practice of prayer, a deep and abiding faith with no religious base, amazing support from my sister Lyndsey and two close friends, Anne and Cynthia, and the foundation of yoga and song circle which I practiced weekly, I was able to stay grounded enough to hear the voices of angels as they came through in many miraculous ways.

Finally, an energy healer by the name of Mary showed up in my life at just the right time. Mary was a gift from God. She moved into my home and began the process of examining the patterns that created this insanity. It very quickly became obvious to me that the changes I sought began with me. We found that the archetypes of the victim, the wounded child and the attached-to-the-outcome seeker were being mirrored through my child’s behaviors. If there was any hope for this family, I (as well as my husband, Tom) needed to focus attention inward.

I had begun my intentional spiritual journey long before this realization, but this juncture was truly pivotal. This journey of self-awareness and evaluation ultimately lead us to conducting a past life regression. As Mary took me, Benjamin and my husband Tom into our most recent past life, we learned that the lessons we were seeking to heal lay in the past. We had each carried our lessons forward into this current life, and until we were able to come to forgiveness and release the past we would continue to reinforce these patterns. This past life journey lead to a miraculous moment of healing – first within myself and ultimately within my suicidal, deeply obsessive and controlling, and sometimes maniacal, beautiful 12-year old boy Benjamin. Our prayers were finally answered after 12 years of suffering and one year of hard work to break these life long patterns.

The past life story itself is not as important as the outcome of the regression. Through the story, we were able to come to healing within ourselves and, in an instant, finally let go of the past. The years of family abuse ended on the night that Benjamin was finally able to release the energy that haunted him from the time he was born – the energy of the boy Ben was in his past life. We called him Jacob. Ben was able to send Jacob to the light through his ability to forgive and let go. It was by far the most miraculous moment I have ever witnessed. After twelve years, the energy of Jacob was never seen again.

After years of turmoil, and much work to still be done, we continue to learn and grow as a family. I am blessed with the opportunity to watch my son Benjamin grow into an amazing, strong, balanced and loving, empathic young man. I am forever grateful for the tools that have been revealed to me through my growth process with Benjamin and Jacob:

A consistent faith in God
A daily practice of forgiveness
A willingness and ability to take responsibility for my life, my patterns and my behavior
Learning the art of detachment from emotional drama
Staying focused on my own plate
Creating the life I want through focus and intention
Remembering that whatever I spend my energy thinking about, I create
Continuously being aware of my thoughts and feelings (to the best of my ability) and knowing that I have the power to create change by changing the tapes that live in my head
Coming to peace within myself through meditation and by sending my beautiful light into the universe

As Marianne Williamson so eloquently stated, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Through this experience with my amazing son and family, I have learned that true peace, in my home as well as in the world, absolutely begins with ME!

Judy Giovangelo is the Founder and CDO of Circleworks. She is a Certified YogaKids Facilitator, RYT, Reiki, Tuning Fork and Intuitive Energy Healer and Life Coach. To reach Judy Giovangelo or to book a session with her, send an email to judygio@aol.com.

Signs from our Loved Ones, Our Son Billy

Divine SignsOur story begins on June 27, 2004 a beautiful Sunday morning at around 10:00 am, our lives changed forever. On that day we received the most devastating news any parent could ever receive, that one of their children has died. Our son, Billy was killed when the ATV he was riding at night hit a tree and Billy was killed instantly.

For the next 8 months living was just trying to survive the next day, and for me personally, other than trying to survive I want to make contact with our son Billy. For me, trying to make a connection with our son Billy was a natural next step, There was no question about it. I had to find a way to connect with Billy. I had no idea how or if was possible, but some way or some how I was going to find a way no matter what anybody said or thought about it. All that changed when my wife Jo-Anne asked if I would like to visit a spirit messenger named Vicki Monroe. That day was February 16 2005. Meeting with Vicki Monroe changed everything; we were able to make a connection with our son Billy for over an hour. Billy told us that he was happy, safe and healthy. Billy did not want us to worry about him, but for us to move ahead with our lives. Billy told us all about the accident with his ATV, of how and the time and why it happened, that the accident was human error and that it was his time to go, his job here on earth was completed, that it was time to go “home” to Heaven.

About 2 months after we met with Vicki Monroe, I noticed some of our photos had images on them, some round white objects or orbs as some people call them. I remember surfing the Internet and reading about them and other images that can appear on photographs. I started taking photographs at random to see what I would get on camera and kept a daily log of my photographs.

The day that I knew that this was going to be something special was August 20 2005 a few months into taking these type of photographs. That’s the day that there were so many spirits, spirit orbs or sparks of light that I knew that this was more than just taking photographs for myself and that there had to be a purpose for me to be taking all of these pictures. I found out later on through Vicki Monroe that there was a reason and that was to let others know that our loved ones are with us and that they try to let us know that they are here with us, all be it in spirit form. The photographs that I have taken have mostly been taken with two different types of digital cameras.

When I first started taking these photographs, I could not tell if anything would be on camera unless I looked into the viewfinder to check out the photo I had just taken. As time went on I would have an idea if there would be something on the photo, because just as the flash would go off, I could see the orbs or sparks of light appear in the sky or indoors, though it would be only for a split second.

The only “orbs” that I can see before I take a picture, are what I call the large brown orbs, when I look through the view finder of my camera, I can actually see them appear on my screen and sometimes I can see many of them popping up on my view finder all at once, but if I try to look with my eyes I do not see them. It’s really cool to see.

One of the coolest type of photographs that we have taken and have well over a thousand of this type are what we call angels using the energy from our light to appear. They may appear in a long or short streak of light shooting in a straight line or in curved streaks of light. I have had comments from others who have seen these types of photographs mention that the light looks like an angel.

One of the most exciting types of photos that we have are those that some people call mist, smoky mist, or foggy mist, but the term I like to use is called, spirit essence. The photos that I have taken are pretty cool but the best part of this is that I can see this spirit essence as the flash is going off. As soon as the flash goes off I can see where the spirit or spirits are. They don’t always show up on camera, but I can see them for a second or two when the flash goes off, and they are more beautiful seeing them by eye than on camera. I can see their texture, color and size better than what is on camera. Also they do not always appear on camera but I can see their location near me. You can go to http://www.oursonbilly.com to view some of these photos, among them is the October 21 2005 photo of the heart shaped moon with the spirit essence.

The last type of photographs that we have collected are my favorite, which, of course, are the heart shaped photos. They can be of the moon, streetlights and our Christmas tree lights. I hadn’t noticed the heart shapes in our photographs at first. When I was going over some of the photographs back in November 2005 that I had taken on July 12 2005 I had zoomed in on a photo I had taken of an orb from our backyard when I noticed off to the left the street lights in the photo were in the shape of a heart. I thought wow, that’s really cool, so I started going over all of my photographs that had some type of light in them. I then came across the photos that had the moon in them; I was amazed when I came across photos of the moon in October of 2005. When I looked at the photo that was taken, I was stunned at how perfect the heart shape was of the moon. That photo of the heart-shaped moon is my favorite of all the photographs that I have taken over the past three years. People have asked me if I could see the heart-shaped moon with my own eyes, I’m sorry to say I could not. I wish I could, I really love those heart-shaped moon photos.

Over the past 3 years, we have collected about 30,000 spiritual photographs of different types. We continue to take these types of pictures and enjoy taking them and hope that you viewing enjoy them as well.

Today’s Lesson & A Perfect Example of the “Power of Intention”

Divine KeysMy wonderful forgetful, loses everything, husband lost his keys 2 1/2-weeks ago yet again and searched everywhere for them but thought he may have placed them on the bumper to my truck before I drove away to work.

Today I decided it was my turn to find his keys and I knew in my soul I would. We call upon “Archangel Chamuel” to recover lost items! I sat down and asked Archangel Chamuel, “I seem to have lost my husband’s keys. I know nothing is truly lost since God is everywhere, and therefore can see where everything is. Please guide me to find what I am looking for. Thank you, Chamuel.”

Within less than one-hour my 81-year old grandma called me and said “I was thinking about who I could call to talk to and I knew you were home so I called you. I also wanted to tell you last week there was an ad in the paper under “lost & found” and someone found a set of keys on Brownell Ave.” I said, Well, give me the number. It can’t hurt to call (knowing in my soul what was manifesting). I dialed the number and spoke to a gentleman who had the same name as my son and I asked him if the keys he found had a 24-Jeff Gordon Blue key. He said “Yes.” He asked me, “What kind of car do you drive?” I told him my hubby has two Chevys so there should also be two big Chevy keys on the ring and a remote. He said, Yes, I think they are yours!” I met him two hours later and they were my husband’s keys. I gave him $50.00 to go out to dinner on us because I was so grateful that he took the time to put the ad in the paper that cost them nothing but a small amount of time to do a good deed. Manifestation at its best!

Please take the time to ask for what you want & believe in your soul that it is on its way, nothing is ever too small or too large if you fully believe it is so…..Love has no boundaries and we are so loved by our Souls’ Spirit.


Jeannie’s Near Death Experience

Divine NdeThis story is about Jeannie and her near death experience at nine years old. She believes this experience was a blessing in her life and to this day it still affects her outlook on life. As you read her story notice how it touches your heart and reflect on its message for your personal life.

My story is a true experience that happened to me when I was a little girl, age nine. I was home sick for three days running a high temperature. When I got worse my parents brought me to the emergency room. After the ER doctor saw me he immediately sent me up to the operating room. I’ll never forget when he said the word “stat.” My appendix had ruptured and the doctor caught it just in time right before it burst, however, the poison peritonitis set in. I was in a coma for a week and given my last rites.

During my time in a coma I took an amazing journey. I felt the love of God as my spirit left my body and I moved slowly through a tunnel of light. I was enveloped by divine light. It was like a warm red glowing sensation, a sensation of love. As I moved forward toward the light at the end of this tunnel, I could see all around me but I could also see me if you can understand that. Pictures of my life were flashing before me in constant motion. With every picture of my life, good or bad, I could feel every feeling of that experience.

As I got closer to the end of the tunnel I felt so happy. I was almost through the opening when I could see at the end a couple of white doves flying, a beautiful blue sky, and tall grass with flowers. It looked like Heaven. The grass started parting as if it was welcoming me home and I felt love everywhere. All of a sudden I heard this deep voice behind me saying, “Go back, go back, your mother needs you.” I didn’t want to do any such thing. I was feeling love beyond that I could ever imagine but the voice continued. I felt myself turning around (no body), and in the far distance I noticed a silhouette person with no face just a long robe. I listened to the voice and went back to my body in the hospital.

I woke up from my coma and about five weeks later I returned home. To this day my mother has needed me both emotionally and financially. I know this was divine intervention and to this day, I still remember that voice. It reminds me of the important role I play in my mother’s life and I will always be there for her.

I truly believe that each day is a blessing. Don’t take it for granted. Thank God for your little miracles and blessings of each day. I do and now have a second chance to make a difference.

If you choose you can learn from Jeannie’s experience and seek the blessings in your everyday experiences. Life is too short so try not to take it for granted and live it to its fullest.

~Excerpt from, The Everything Guide to Angels Book

Tracey’s Miracle from the London Underground Bombings

Divine LondonMy name is Tracey. I met Karen at the Arthur Findlay College, in October of 2005 just three months after the events of July 7th in the London underground Bombings. The day of the bombings started for me like any other. I woke up and had breakfast and I was chatting with a friend on the Internet, when she said to me “do you have the news on?” I said, “No why?” She shared with me that there were some bombs that went off on the London underground. Oh my God! My heart sank because my son was in London for the first time away from home. He was taking exams as part of his job and he was using the underground to get to his exams. In total panic, I rang my husband at work to ask him if he had heard anything to which he said no and he guided me to ring my son’s mobile phone. I did so but the phone was not responding, then my mum phoned me very upset having heard the news of the bombs and asked me if I had got in touch with my son.

When I said no, she was very emotional because this was also the day her dad, my grandfather had passed into Spirit. I was still on the Internet with my friend when I panicked, thinking, what now? She calmed me down and she asked me to focus. As I did this I saw my grandfather by my side, he was showing me my son was sitting at a desk. I just burst into tears and at the same moment my mum called me again saying that she had just received a text message from my son to say he was fine and he would try to get a train home. It was total chaos there, but my angel had already put my mind at rest. My wonderful grandfather had come to show me and when I told my mum this, she burst into tears. This day I will never ever forget. I will always remember just how beautiful it is when your angels touch your heart just when you need them.

~Tracey (England)

Donna’s Sign from her Angel

Divine DonnaDonna’s story is a perfect example of how powerful it can be when you ask for a sign from your angels. Read and try to put yourself in Donna’s shoes and notice the comfort and reassurance you feel as you read her story.

I was diagnosed in March with inflammatory breast cancer. After undergoing chemo, a mastectomy and radiation, I am doing very well! A few weeks ago I went for my first mammogram. You can only imagine how scared I was. I had prayed to my angel the day before to please show me a sign of a star so I would know that she was around me. After having the mammogram three times, the third time I just burst into tears, thinking the cancer was now in my other breast, the radiologist came in to tell me that everything was fine.

When we got off the elevator to go to our car, the parking attendant saw us, and he took something off the hood of our van. As we walked closer to him, he held something out to us in his hand, and asked, “Is this yours?” It was a little charm, a star! I just stood there with my mouth open in shock. My husband responded, “I guess so.” I shared with him my prayer about asking my angel for a sign of a star and he was just amazed. I guess that was my angel letting me now that she was with me throughout that whole thing! I feel so blessed!”

Next time you need confirmation or reassurances from the angels ask for a sign. Remember, it can be a specific sign like Donna’s star or you can ask for any significant sign that you would understand. When you receive your sign you will be comforted in the truth that you are not alone and you have a whole team of divine helpers watching over you.


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