The Power and Purpose of a 40 Day Journey

Benefits and Blessings of Committing to a 40 Day Journey

  • Focused intention and commitment to yourself for 40 days
  • Opportunity to awaken, re-discover and claim your divine power
  • A deeper understanding of who you are and why you are here
  • Enhancing your intuitive abilities to hear the wisdom of your soul and your angels
  • Insightful daily questions to overcome any blocks or resistance you may experience
  • Uplifting messages to heal and transform with support and unconditional love from Karen
  • Spiritual guidance to help you find the answers you seek
  • Receive Empowering tools to experience more peace, freedom and joy in your life
  • Visual and audio anchors to support you each and every day
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Start now and listen to your Intuition as you explore infinite possibilities with these 4 Journeys:


Kind Words • 40 Day Journeys

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