Divine Inspiration

Know that your soul and your divine support will guide you to read the perfect message of inspiration today to support you with love and guidance.


I invite you to join me in prayer invoking miracles.

Put your hands up in front of you. Palms facing each other.

Now, join them, interlocked in prayer position as pictured in the image below representing all parts of you, and the Entire Universe coming together in oneness, prayer, love and openness and worthiness to receive..

And so it is.

From my Soul to Yours in Oneness, Karen Paolino Correia

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For me, the suffering in the world, both in humanity and with Mother Earth right now, is a reflection of how far we have journeyed from loving ourselves or feeling loved.

We are witnessing the fragmented aspects of ourselves that feel separate from love.

Its easier to look outside yourself and blame what you feel upon the problems you see in the world and with others, but the most powerful healing you can do for yourself and all of us, is to focus on what you want to feel or see your world, personally and globally and find it in yourself.

If you see hatred, heal the hatred in yourself

If you see judgement, stop judging yourself

If you feel pain, heal your pain

If you feel anger, heal your anger

If you feel helpless, take your power back in your own life

If you feel righteous, free yourself from within.

Is this easy? I ask, is it easy and a quick fix to heal what we see in the world right now? No, its a journey and we need to continue or start now! It takes patience, healing, love, compassion, prayer, surrender and trust. Will it be worth it? Hell (oops Heaven) YES!

Blessings, Karen


My prayer for all of us. Care to join me?

I share with you this message received in meditation. May it support you as it did me...

“Blessed be to those who wait and are patient and do not force. Your energy, alignment, attunement, clearing and transformation is taking place from the core of your being. Do not place trust in your head but feel the settling in your heart, in your center. Come to the mat of your Soul and know all will be revealed effortlessly.

Be at peace in the pause. There is much light and wisdom to be received. Grace is permeating in it all.. the bad, the good, the hard, the easy, the pain, the ease, the struggle and the freedom. All of it settling into a oneness where all blends into wholeness, holiness, grace, peace and understanding.

The pieces are broken and a mosaic masterpiece is created, witnessed, awed upon for its majestic beauty.

Trust this is in the works. You don’t have to go anywhere or find it. It is here and you are immersed in its oneness.

You can see what others cannot see yet but you are reflecting it to them.

You are the flower, the bird, the sun, the son, the Soul. Nothing is not of you and you are a part of everything. There is nothing missing in the heart. It’s all here.”

Blessings, Karen and Your Divine Family of Many

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