Angel Affirmations

Selecting an Angel Affirmation

Close your eyes and take a deep breath and just let go. Imagine your angels surrounding you in love, guidance and protection. Then ask them to guide you to the perfect affirmation that will help you remember what you need to know today. When you are ready, open your eyes and move the cursor around the angel until you intuitively feel compelled to stop. Then click on the angel and receive your Angel Affirmation that will help you manifest your highest and best, better than you could ever imagine.

How Angel Affirmations Can Help You

An affirmation can help you tap into your True potential so you can manifest what you desire in all aspects of your life. An affirmation is declaring what you desire through a positive statement. When you focus on changing your thoughts from negative to positive you raise your vibration and you become a magnet of attraction, drawing to yourself all that you need. Then the angels can intervene and together you create an energy that opens the gateways to experience miracles.

A Note to Remember

After you receive your perfect Angel Affirmation you might instantly know why you chose this one however, there may be times when it doesn’t seem to fit. When this happens trust the angels are guiding you and you may need to work with this affirmation in order to heal or transform your thoughts so you can manifest what you truly desire. Know that there are no coincidences and you receive the perfect Angel Affirmation to empower you to become with your True potential.

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