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Renowned Divine Intuitive, Soul Medium and International Speaker, Author & Trainer, Karen has been dubbed the real deal.

For over two decades, Karen has been a gifted guide known for her authenticity and passion in helping others awaken to their own truth and connect with and experience their divine potential.  She helped thousands of people around the world heal, connect and rediscover their divine essence through her books, workshops, certification programs, and private sessions.  Entertaining, deeply compassionate and a highly gifted intuitive, Karen offers her audience and her clients the opportunity for experiential play, deep healing and radical awakenings.


Karen Paolino is the author of several books including 101 Ways to Meet Your Angels and Everything Guide to Angels which was featured as Books to Read by Newsweek in 2016.  She has been a guest speaker on Hay House Radio and she showcases her keynote speaking expertise at industry expos, retreat centers and conferences worldwide.  Karen has combined her certifications in hypnotherapy, mediumship, and her work as an Angel Therapy Practitioner® and developed innovative training programs including Soul Entrainment®, Soul Mediumship® and her Angel Messenger Certification courses.



Certified Hypnotherapist by National Guild of Hypnotherapists • Certified Past Life Regression Therapy • Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner • Mediumship Training in US and Arthur Findlay College • Certified Life Coach


The Authentic Me Bio

The “Real Heart Journey” and why I am passionate about my work and supporting you…

I imagine I was living my life just like some of you… unconscious to my own needs and wants, type A personality, busy proving myself, hiding and numbing and denying my feelings and desires, until a defining moment in time when my soul said I couldnt continue to live this way any more. I had the big wake up call (which I don’t want you to experience in order to wake up and live your authentic life).

The defining moment was a diagnosis of thyroid cancer back in 1996. I was 34 years old, with a one year old son and a four year old daughter.  During this moment I realized I had to understand why I had cancer in order to avoid recreating it and to live out my potential.

I made a commitment to heal on all levels. I really didn’t know what that meant. It was just a strong inner knowing that I couldn’t shake. So, I blindly embarked on my healing journey.  During this time, I had a Divine visitation from my guardian angel and from this experience I had a spiritual awakening.

Through deep soul searching my soul told me it was trying to get my attention through the experience of cancer. This was the message from my soul…

You weren’t listening. So your body had to come knocking at your door so you couldn’t ignore anymoreIt is time to remember who you really are and to live in alignment with your authentic self and feel worthy of being supported by a Divine universe filled with infinite miracles and possibilities who loves you unconditionally and always has.

During the next couple years of deep healing and soul excavation, I realized I felt very alone for a long time and I felt unfulfilled in my career and marriage.  I realized I was living how I was “suppose” to live, based on my upbringing, societal programming and ingrained beliefs. It was time to live in alignment to my truth and what made me feel alive, passionate, and fulfilled with purpose and joy.

Now, more than twenty years later, I am living that life.  And I am passionate about supporting others in their personal journey of awakening, healing themselves, and feeling empowered to live their authentic life in partnership with the Divine.  I teach and inspire through authenticity and my own personal journey of experience.

I am not perfect but I am real, and
I walk the talk.

I have fulfilled dreams I never thought were possible and I travel and teach around the world doing the work I love.  I have to share that my greatest complement from participants is when they say… You are so relatable. You are the real deal. This means to me, they see my soul, my authentic, vulnerable and sometimes humorous self.  But they also see themselves in my story and teachings. They know I have had real struggles like them; career changes and decisions, health challenges, loss of loved ones, divorce, financial ups and downs, and relationship issues.  I believe... sharing my truth helps them realize they are not alone and if I can do it, then they can do it.

Through my sharing and teaching, my clients and students realize there is always potential for growth and resurrection on the other side of every challenge.  Life is really good and filled with so much grace and love if you just choose to look for it and believe. My wish and pure intent is to empower others to feel inspired and determined to live their own life with more authenticity and magic.

If you get one thing from journeying to this website and meeting me, it would be

You don’t have to be alone on this journey called life. There is an infinite universe ready and willing to support you and a Divine family of many in unconditional love ready to partner with you in every aspect of your life.


I live a spiritual life devoted and in partnership and union with the Divine. I am also fulfilled with a beautiful life where I live in joy and loving partnership with my husband Louie, blessed with the love and support of my grown children Joelle and Justin and in a magical home in Johnston, Rhode Island which I call Heaven on Earth.  A life that is real with its ups and downs and yet supported through spiritual devotion and a deep faith and an inner trust that I have everything I need within me and around me to empower me to rise up through any challenge ready to discover more love, joy and connection.

I invite you…. If you are ready to live an authentic life and discover that you don’t have to do it alone and you can be supported by myself and a Divine family of many, then you came to the right place and miracles await you.

My belief is… if you read all the way to this last paragraph, we are connected soul to soul and your soul found its way here. I encourage you to keep exploring, be curious and journey though my website intuitively open to receive what you need and how you can be supported. I only ask one thing, as I share my mantra with you…

Be open to your highest and best, better than you could ever imagine because

you are so loved and you deserve it.

With gratitude and grace,

Karen Paolino-Correia

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