Soul Entrainment® Training and Certification

This training and certification course will prove to you, beyond any doubt, that the Soul holds all the answers to our past, present and future. Come and discover how you can help yourself and others access the wisdom of their Soul, and at the same time have the privilege of witnessing miracles.

Through this course you will be able to offer clients a new modality and attract new clientele by offering Soul Entrainment® to your current practice. Your clients will be able to access their higher self, and their Soul with ease.  Here they can re-discover the answers they are searching for which dwell within; to heal, transform and remember their true magnificence, worth, and purpose.


This amazing and life changing process will gift you with the ability to see into the Soul where you will discover that the Soul is the one who can help your client heal back to the root cause with protection and unconditional love. You will also discover that your client can receive higher guidance that will empower them and guide them with specific steps so they can live a life filled with joy, love, purpose and fulfillment.

Teleseminar recorded about Soul Entrainment® with Karen Paolino Correia and the National Guild of Hypnotists. Enjoy learning everything you need to know about this powerful modality.

Wow, what a weekend! Karen’s heartfelt teaching style really made me feel comfortable treading new waters. I witnessed and took part in beautiful healings through this connection to the soul. This class was insightful, rewarding and inspiring. I am looking forward to an advanced class to really enhance my abilities as a facilitator.

- Carolyn

Karen plays a significant role in my learning and evolution. Karen’s commitment to being in service to Spirit is a continuing process as she brings new leanings and modalities to us. I have been blessed to participate in both Angel Certification classes and the Soul Entrainment training. Karen makes each class a journey of healing. Anyone taking a class with Karen will also feel blessed.

- Linda B.

It was such an honor to be involved in the two day Soul Entrainment class. The healing energy was so powerful to witness and be a part of. All of us who participated left feeling uplifted and grateful this work and your guidance. We highly recommend the Soul Entrainment certification to everyone having the desire to help others with a truly life changing experience.

- Lynne and Bob Rindone


What to expect

In this class you will:

    • Understand why working with the Soul can be the most powerful session you can facilitate with your client
    • Learn the difference between the language of the Soul vs. the personality/ego
    • Learn how to interview a client prior to a session to create clear goals and intentions
    • Learn a specific induction to access the higher wisdom of the Soul
    • Learn how to work with the Soul to guide you and your clients to the answers or healing they are searching for
    • Learn techniques and questions to use during your session to help your client get the most out of each experience
    • Discover how you can use Soul Entrainment® to discover the root cause of any fear, problem or concerning issue
    • Learn how Soul Entrainment® naturally integrates with past life and future regression
    • Experience a group Soul Entrainment® session
    • Learn how Soul Entrainment® can be used to help clients heal grief and reconnect with their loved ones in spirit
    • Learn as you observe one-on-one sessions with class participants
    • Learn how to market Soul Entrainment® to increase your business

Key Benefits

Working with the techniques of Soul Entrainment® will empower your client to understand the profound wisdom they hold within themselves. They will discover with your help that when they can re-connect to the higher wisdom of their Soul and it will naturally guide them to healing and resolving issues that no longer serve them. They will also discover that their Soul wants to guide them to the answers they are searching for regarding relationships, health, life purpose, financial freedom and experiencing more love, joy and fulfillment in their lives.

The Soul knows everything about your clients past, present and future and their Soul will always guide them to their highest and best, better than they could ever imagine. So, if they are ready to heal deep core issues they will, and if its time to know their life purpose or what steps to take to create happiness, the Soul will share. The soul guides with unconditional love, support and protection so you can trust and your client can receive exactly what they need.

Who should attend?

Every hypnotist, psychologist, holistic practitioner and all those soul searching or on their spiritual path will benefit from this class. This life changing training and its techniques can be used for both personal growth and to work with clients. The wisdom, healing and guidance you will receive from your soul during this two-day program will support you to live a life better than you could ever imagine.

**Please note that those who attend that are not certified as a hypnotist need to complete 10 practice sessions to receive certification. You can count the practice sessions facilitated during class. This is to assure that you are experienced in the techniques and facilitation of the modality before charging for your session.

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Your Trainer:

Karen Paolino, Heaven on Earth. Karen is a NGH Certified Hypnotherapist since 1997, Certified Past Life Regressionist, Spirit Medium and Certified Angel Messenger and she is the founder and trainer of Soul Entrainment®. Her passion is to empower others to connect with their loved ones in spirit and heal through the higher consciousness of the soul. For over two decades she has been helping people through Soul Entrainment® (Soul Mediumship® is also an aspect of this technique) and is now teaching others from all over the world to facilitate this powerful work.


Next Certification Courses

Virtual Training Saturday, November 18 10:00 - 5:00 and Sunday, November 19 10:00 - 5:00

Cost: $375

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Free Guide, How to Connect with Your Angels AND Meet Your Guardian Angels audio meditation


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