Private Exclusive Personal Healing
and Visionary Retreat Day

My husband and I were gifted by Spirit a beautiful, peaceful pond in Rhode Island where we live and work. Mother Natures healing presence is palatable here and I have frequently witnessed the veil being very thin and sometimes non-existent between heaven and earth. Intuitively, and with a nudge from Spirit, I knew it would be a perfect place for one on one, personally designed retreats.

I invite you to a full day retreat focused on you and your desires for healing, clarity and support, as work we work in the power of oneness with your Soul, the Divine and Mother Nature. You will be supported from our first phone call as you prepare for your retreat receiving everything you need to clearly set your intentions, release what no longer serves you, as well as receiving the clarity and empowerment you need to manifest your heartfelt desires.

What to expect…

Throughout the day, I will intuitively integrate different modalities to support you and your inner transformation, healing and the clarity and empowerment you need to move forward for your highest and best. This day will unfold uniquely to fit your needs in attunement with your Soul and the Divine.  Because this retreat will be unique to you, it is best to come without expectations or attachments as to how the day will unfold.   I do know the following will take place and the rest will be shown as we are guided during that day…

  • I will ask you to journal beforehand with a couple of questions to reflect upon so we can bring clarity to your needs and how I can best support you. After you complete this, we will connect by phone prior to your retreat to discuss your needs and intentions so you get the most out of your retreat.
  • We will integrate some of the modalities I work with such as a Soul Entrainment® session, Breathwork, meditation, hypnosis intuitive coaching (that is a given), or creative activities 
  • We will integrate angel and oracle cards and Divine guidance for clarity and reflection
  • You will have a yummy lunch fitting your dietary needs
  • You will experience the magic of nature and the healing energy of the water.  We can use kayaks or the pontoon boat, weather permitting, or sit on the deck or in the sunroom with a soothing view of the pond.
  • I will create a meditation recording at the end of your day for you to use at home to integrate everything that occurred during your session.
  • Within a week after you session we will connect by phone to check in and see how you are doing and follow up on the integration of your session

As you complete your day, you will have greater clarity, peace and a deeper connection to your Soul and the Divine. You will leave feeling supported with clear intentions and inspired action steps to help you integrate your experiences and feel confident about moving forward with manifestations of your heart felt wishes and dreams.

Location: Our home in Rhode Island
Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Lunch included)

Highly Recommended

"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! If you have not worked with Karen before, you will be BLOWN AWAY! I recently attended Karens Healing and Visionary Retreat at her beautiful new house on the water and it was nothing short of miraculous! The energy of the breathtaking surroundings and Karens natural ability to evoke such deep healing is beyond compare. I have worked with Karen in the past and have been shouting her praises for years. She has truly outdone herself with her Healing and Visionary Retreat. Again, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Healing and Visionary Retreat and be ready for some major healing to happen!!"

- Monique

All I can say is "WOW"!

"I just had my Day of Retreat with Karen, and all I can say is WOW!! I had an amazing experience! It was  wonderful to have a whole day just to focus on and explore my soul. It was a day of so many emotions. I laughed, I cried, and I released a lot of baggage.  I connected with my twin sister who passed in June, and received healing and comfort around that. I gained insights to my next steps. It truly was a re-birth for me, a transformation and I feel the shift big time! With gratitude."

- Jan

Truly Remarkable

"My one day retreat with Karen was truly remarkable. The entire day was wonderful, filled with intensity, reflection, fun, and finally a sense of true connection. Karen’s unique gifts made this retreat a revelatory experience that provided me with the love and support I was looking for to take my spiritual journey to the next level. Thank you, Karen!"

- Nancy

A Wonderful Day

"It was a wonderful day and very awakening and healing for me. Thank you for opening your heart and beautiful home to me and all the new experiences right down to your awesome boat! Thank you with all my heart and soul."

- Joyce

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this powerful day.  I look forward to supporting you and witnessing your day of healing and becoming one with your Souls vision and destiny.

To schedule your retreat day, please click the button below contact Karen and we can coordinate the Divine timing of your special day.

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