40-Day Journey Home to Freedom and Oneness




“I believe we exist in a world where there is an epidemic of poor self-esteem and self worth and we are consumed with unhealthy body issues and food confusion. I personally have lived in this turmoil, confusion and insanity, since I was eight years old.

Last winter, after twenty years of healing and awakening on my spiritual journey, I decided to embark on a 40-day journey to free myself from a deep-rooted struggle and inner war going on within myself, about my body image and food.

I had created peace and joy in so many other areas of my life; my relationships, my work, my purpose and even my finances, but I was constantly haunted by my daily thoughts focused on my obsession and inner dialog around my body, food and comparing myself to others. I realized that if we have 60,000 thoughts drifting through our minds daily, then 40,000 of my thoughts were focused on this repetitive conversation and I declared with exhaustion, I am done! I wanted to be freed for once and for all.

I knew what I needed to do. I had to commit and go within. I was clear after all these years of healing and transformation, that if I wanted to change a big pattern that goes way back, I needed to heal from within, getting in touch with my beliefs, my thoughts and my feelings, both conscious and subconscious. So, I decided to write, pray and meditate for 40 days straight. The timing was perfect since I had injured my foot and knee and my work had slowed down for the holidays.

I have authored two other 40-Day Journeys over the past ten years and thousands, including myself, have experienced the power of committing to a 40-day process to initiate transformation and miracles. In many ancient texts, they describe a 40-day process as a period of time to prepare for a higher spiritual endeavor or a necessary time to make or break a habit for everlasting change. Combine this intention with working with divine, asking for guidance and support, and miracles happen.

This time around, I knew I needed to do a 40-Day journey on my own. Allowing myself to be free to write from the depths of my being, safely knowing, that no one would read it. Therefore it was raw, real and my vulnerable authentic self emerged, provided a pathway to healing and transformation.

What unfolded was beyond what I could have ever imagined. I dialoged with my body and food for days, as the truth of my inner turmoil and past experiences created a story of who I became and who I thought myself to be. It was raw and emotional and my willingness to share my naked, exposed, truth, revealed a pathway to profound healing and a deeper understanding of myself.

Then on Day 14, the journey took an unexpected turn and my prayers and vulnerability started to unveil the root cause and the True Healing that needed to take place so I could finally be free and at peace. The human me, thought my struggle was with my body and food, but the root cause to my suffering and confusion was revealed and a divine miracle occurred. I was being graced with divine support and guidance and my answered prayer of peace started to unfold.

I completed the 40-Day journey on January 15th 2016. I look back now and realize, that this journey birthed an inner healing and awakening that eventually rippled into the transformation of my mind, body and spirit over the next six months. I felt completely different and was freed from my past tortures and obsession around my body image and food. My mind was free of those past thoughts and I felt more peace than I had ever felt in my life. I had entered a flow in my life that I trusted and felt one with.

During this past year, I shared this journey with a couple of my soul friends and other clients who have struggled with this epidemic. They all had their own individual unique struggles; aging, too thin, too heavy, illness, disabilities, and some had no perceived physical flaws but their inner dialog and their perception about themselves was in conflict and therefore they didn’t have peace. And even though they each had their own unique struggles and past history, they all shared with me that when they read and experienced my raw truth unedited and they took in my dialog with the divine, they individually received exactly what they needed for their own healing and transformation.

I wrote this journey originally for myself as a divine prayer to guide me through my own inner darkness back to the light. I was freed and enlightened, and now, I know its time to share this prayer with you and to all who are called. I know, that all I need to do is be the real authentic me, with no masks, and no more hiding. As I share over the next 40 days this unedited version of myself, I invite you to do the same, so you can awaken and re-discover the peace, freedom and joy that is already within you return home to its oneness.”

When you say YES! to this journey you will receive a daily email with the spiritual intention and the tools you need to free yourself and deepen your oneness with the Divine. This will include:

· Raw and real dialog to free you from your past pain and struggles

· An unfolding daily pathway to peace, freedom and oneness

· Daily Prayers to empower you and to invoke divine support and miracles

· Self reflection questions

· Inspirational videos and meditations from Karen

· Support from Karen with a weekly pre-recorded Tele-class. 6- one hour sessions easily accessed through the internet.


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