Rising to the Call – Birthing a New Consciousness – Virtual Full Day Event

Date / Time
12/13/2020 - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Rising To The Call Birthing A New Consciousness 7

These surely are turbulent times as we transition through 2020 (Vision) into the Age of Aquarius! It feels like the transition phase of childbirth, undergoing relentless contractions, forcing us to breathe deeply and focus inward. AND these are auspicious times with mind-blowing synchronicities, epiphanies, experiences of expanded awareness and heightened ability to be present.

You’re invited to spend an entire day of nourishment and inspiration for the soul on December 13th, bringing your own energy, and with eight (8) powerful teachers/healers who are rising to the call to serve as spiritual midwives, to inspire and uplift us, sharing healing arts, wisdom, ritual, meditation, movement, poetry, astrology, and soul music.

The intention of this event is to ground the Divine Feminine energies individually and collectively the day before the Solar Eclipse, super-charging the conscious choosing of love and harmony over fear, invoking higher states of consciousness and Unity Consciousness into being!

The vision/mission is to mitigate the negative reaction (fear/contraction) and transform this energy with radical acceptance, forgiveness, and conscious awakening (love/expansion)! This event has great potency and potential, it is up to us to co-create this wave of divine energies and do what we have come here to do! Your presence is essential!

Date: Sunday, December 13th

Time: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm EST.

Donation:  A PAY IT FORWARD DONATION of your choosing!!!

***This class is recorded and downloadable so if you cannot attend at the specific time of the event you can listen or watch when it works for you

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