Ask Your Soul…Your Soul Knows —The Gifts Of Soul Entrainment™

Date / Time
08/10/2024 - 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

The Soul knows everything about you past, present, and future, and is can guide you to your highest and best. Learn a powerful technique to access the super consciousness of the Soul. Help your clients receive the answers they are seeking for healing, growth, and change. Come and experience a demonstration of Soul Entrainment™ and receive insight from your Soul. Discover this transformational process and realize how it can take your hypnotism practice to the next level and have a deeper and more profound affect on your clients.

Discover that the Soul holds the answers about the past, present and future and unconditionally protects the client with wisdom and guidance that supports their highest and best. Learn how to help your client connect to the oneness of their Soul with a simple script of intention. Guide the client to the healing, answers and the insight they need to break free and move forward through direct questioning with the Soul while in hypnosis.

Where: NGH  National Convention in Marlborough, Ma

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