Hypnosis for Weight Loss


By Karen Paolino CHT.

May you achieve your goals of losing all the weight you desire and may you experience a peace within yourself and with food.

My background includes certifications in fitness, nutrition and hypnosis. I have also experienced my own personal journey with weight loss and for over 20 years I have professionally helped others achieve their goals. I truly believe I have included everything you need within this CD to achieve your goals and desires. This program is designed to work with your mind, body and spirit, empowering you on all levels to achieve your ideal body weight and to feel good and look great!



How can Hypnosis help you?
In a relaxed state of mind you are open and willing to receive all the suggestions you need to reprogram old habits and create the changes you need to lose all the weight you desire.

How can this Hypnosis for Weight Loss CD help you?

  • Release cravings and say NO to certain foods and say YES to healthy choices
  • Feel motivated and be consistent with exercise
  • Drink and crave more water
  • Reprogram your mind and believe you can achieve your ideal body weight
  • Eat slower and feel full and satisfied with less food
  • Believe this is your final journey with weight loss
  • Stop emotional eating and make different choices
  • Feel better in mind, body and spirit about food, your body and yourself