Soul Mediumship® —Healing Grief And Connecting With Loved Ones In Spirit

Date / Time
08/09/2024 - 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Come and discover how you can help clients move from grief and loss of a loved one to healing and profound peace. Learn an induction guiding your client to reconnect with loved ones who have passed and discover how this process can help your client heal relationship issues left unresolved, say goodbye, and gain inner peace that love never dies. Witness an individual session demonstrating the process and experience a group session to receive your messages and healing.

  • Help clients connect to their loved one in spirit for healing
  • Assist clients in healing unresolved issues before/during the passing of their loved one
  • Help clients hear, feel and receive messages from their loved one(s) in spirit
  • Help clients release their fear of death and receive validation about the continuum of life

Where: NGH National Convention in Marlborough, Ma

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