Soul Entrainment® Virtual 2 Day Training

Date / Time
02/11/2023 - 02/12/2023 - 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

The gift of working with the soul is the soul knows everything about your past, present and future.

Your soul always guides you to your highest good and to living a life that is better than you could ever imagine.


This 2-day certification training course will give you a spiritual toolbox of techniques to help your clients easily access their higher self, the soul, so they can re-discover their power in accessing answers within for healing, transformation and resolving issues that no longer serve them. They are, ultimately, reminded of their true magnificence, worth, and purpose.


Every hypnotist, psychologist, holistic practitioner and soul searchers will benefit from this certification course. You will be provided with life changing techniques to use for both personal growth and to work with clients. The wisdom, healing and guidance you receive from your soul during this two-day program will support you in living a life better than you could ever imagine.

Imagine the transformation you could offer your current clients by assisting them in working with the soul. The soul guides with unconditional love, support and protection so you can trust that your client will receive exactly what they need when you use Soul Entrainment™ in your practice.


During this 2-day certification* training, you will discover and experience how working with the soul can be the most powerful modality for facilitating long-lasting, positive change in your own life and in the lives of your clients.

You’ll also learn:

  • The difference between the language of the soul vs. the personality/ego
  • How to interview a client prior to a session to create clear goals and intentions
  • A specific induction process for accessing the higher wisdom of the soul
  • How to work with the soul to guide you and your clients to the answers or healing they are seeking
  • Powerful techniques and guided questions to use during your session to help your clients get the most out of this experience
  • How to use the Soul Entrainment™ process to unearth the root cause of any fear, problem or issue you or your clients face
  • How Soul Entrainment™ naturally integrates with past life and future regression through experiencing a group Soul Entrainment™ session
  • How to use Soul Entrainment™ techniques to help clients heal grief and reconnect with their loved ones in spirit through observing one-on-one sessions with class participants
  • How to use the Soul Entrainment™ process in your practice to grow your business and attract a new clientele



Using Soul Entrainment® will empower your clients to understand the profound wisdom they hold within themselves. With your help and this training, your clients will discover that when they re-connect to the higher wisdom of their soul, they will be naturally guided to healing and resolving issues that no longer serve them. They will also discover the answers they are searching for regarding relationships, health, life purpose, financial freedom and experiencing more love, joy and fulfillment in their lives.


Saturday and Sunday February 11 and 12th  10:00 – 5:00
Virtual Training through Zoom
Price: $375

To read full outline of two day certification visit

Wow, what a weekend! Karen’s heartfelt teaching style really made me feel comfortable treading new waters. I witnessed and took part in beautiful healings through this connection to the soul. This class was insightful, rewarding and inspiring. I am looking forward to an advanced class to really enhance my abilities as a facilitator. -Carolyn

This is an excellent class, well organized for both the entry level and advanced as well. The protocol is practical and life changing. Connecting with your soul’s plan can answer many questions you have about your life. -Sharron

It was such an honor to be involved in the two day Soul Entrainment class. The healing energy was so powerful to witness and be a part of. All of us who participated left feeling uplifted and grateful this work and your guidance. We highly recommend the Soul Entrainment certification to everyone having the desire to help others with a truly life changing experience. -Lynne and Bob Rindone

I am so grateful for introducing me to Soul Entrainment. It exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend this to everyone seeking to understand and connect with the Soul. -Joanne

This 2 day Soul Entrainment training was very enlightening. Karen gives you all the tools you need to help people connect with their Soul. The hands-on experience guides you to help your client achieve the results they want. I would highly recommend this class. -Ellen

Great course, well structured content, excellent delivery. –Tony

This is a wonderful course filled with so much great information to reach clients and help ourselves to the root of the cause and helping to heal. – Sara

I recently finished Karen’s Soul Entrainment certification class and I absolutely loved it! Karen offered the certification class virtually and the course and the weekend did not disappoint.  Karen is an amazing teacher, her energy is so lovely and engaging.  I learned so much from this course and I cannot wait to offer these transformative sessions to my clients. -Christine

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