Miracles In The Pause —Empowerment To Respond Not React

Date / Time
08/11/2024 - 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

During this seminar learn and experience some powerful and simple techniques to use in hypnosis and to apply to your everyday life to help you and your clients respond to situations from a mindful and centered place vs. reacting from habit and conditioning. Experience the practices and receive the “gifts of the pause” to initiate more peace, clarity and insight to flow and emerge from a soul centered place of conscious choice.

Share the difference between reaction: comes from the subconscious mind and can be habitual and responding: giving space to choose, ponder and be mindful about your choices. * To share techniques for hypnosis and everyday life to feel empowered to respond to life situations with choice, mindfulness and discernment vs react from the subconscious or habit

Where: NGH National Convention in Marlborough, Ma

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