Ask Your Soul…What is My Purpose?

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06/10/2021 - 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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Its true… All you seek is found within

6/10 soul session- What is My Purpose?

During this session our intention is to deepen your connection and communication with your soul. This video session is recorded if you cannot attend live. You will experience…

Pastedgraphic.png A deeper meaning of being in purpose from the soul perspective

⭐ Break through the barriers that keep you from living and being in purpose

Pastedgraphic.png Clarity to your unique purpose and living it with joy, expression and fulfillment

Pastedgraphic.png A guided Soul Entrainment journey to receive guidance, insight, healing and clarity to align you to your soul’s highest potential

This journey, will support you in being in spiritual practice with your soul until mid August, is a commitment to join in oneness with your soul to release what blocks you or no longer serves you and to listen and expand in the consciousness and communication with its love and wisdom to guide you in every aspect of your life to live a soul driven life.

Here is our upcoming weekly intention as we meet every other week on Thursdays nights (all sessions are recorded if you cannot attend live)

6/10 soul session

What is My Purpose?

6/24 soul session

Aligning to Soul Relationships

7/8 soul session

Soul Mediumship®

7/22 soul session

Past Lives of Your Soul

8/5 soul session

What is my Next Step?

8/19 soul session

Awakening to Soul Destiny 


What to expect…

⭐ Each session Karen will guide you a Soul Entrainment® Journey to join in oneness with your soul and receive healing, guidance and clarity about the theme 

⭐ Join in exercises and spiritual practice to deepen your connection and communication with your soul

Time: Thursday nights join virtual from 7:00 – 8:30 EST 

Investment: $33 per class.

Soul Entrainment® Special – 3 sessions $111 OFF Reg $666 for this class $555

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