Align Divine Weekend Retreat ~ Transform…Transcend… and Thrive 

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03/08/2024 - 03/10/2024 - 5:00 pm - 1:00 pm

In The Midst Of The Unknown 108

Align Divine Weekend Retreat ~ Transform…Transcend…and Thrive

It is always and honor and joy announcing our in person retreats. Louie and I have been facilitating these powerful, intimate, and transformational retreats since 2002 and it only gets better!

You are invited to…Transform…Transcend…and Thrive

If you are feeling called as you read our intention below, then know, that it is limited to an intimate group of 20 (we have the whole house to ourselves at this beautiful, peaceful retreat center) and we are offering a supportive, limited time, early registration discount so plan ahead and know we have sold out many times in the past.

Our intention of the weekend…

Transformoutdated beliefs, fears, and habits that no longer serves you and keep you stuck

Transcendrise above or and go beyond the limits of your conditioned self to align to your Divine Soul and its purpose

Thriveflourish living in alignment with your joy, passion, truth, connection and your Divine birthright to be happy

All workshops are included…

Friday night – Welcome and Diving In

We will connect as a sacred circle of support, intention and paving the way for a powerful weekend of healing, clarity and reclaiming your self and the life you desire. This evening concludes with a meditation.

Saturday morning – Transform

Through reflection exercises, discussion, and walking the Labyrinth you will bring clarity, healing and transformation to your blocks, resistance, fears, and beliefs that no longer serve you so you can clear the way for what you truly desire to feel and thrive living in alignment to your Soul and Divine support

Saturday Afternoon – Transcend

Journey with your Soul and the Divine as you experience an afternoon of Quantum Breathwork with Karen and Louie. Breathwork is a powerful and transcending breathing process with music to release. Transcend your conditioned self to remember the truth of who you are, a Divine Soul here to shine and share in your own unique expression, joy, passion and gifts in the knowing, you are not alone and you have a Divine Family of Many to support and guide you.

Sunday morning – Thrive

Gain clarity to your own unique expression, truth, and knowing that it is your Divine birthright to be happy and its time now, to thrive living authentically and in alignment to your Soul. Karen will guide you in a profound meditation into the oneness of your Soul and your Divine Family of Many to gain insight, action steps, and a Divine plan so when you enter back into your life, you are focused and inspired to thrive in the infinite flow of Divine support, guidance and miracles.

Our journey concludes with a powerful blessing and walking out of the Labyrinth owning the transformation and clarity of your weekend.

Where: Glastonbury Abbey, Hingham, Ma

Date: Friday March 8th at 5:00 to Sunday March 10th at 1:00 PM

Investment: $595.00 ***Includes all workshops, meals, and lodging.

**Please note that this retreat is limited to 20 participants

Where: Glastonbury Abbey, Hingham, Ma

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