What Would Love Do? A 40-Day Journey to Transform Your Fear Into Miracles of Love, is designed as an inspirational journey of spiritual transformation. This journey is taken one day at a time and every day the reader is given the tools they need to transform fear into miracles of love.

We are living in a time of spiritual awareness, awakening and transformation. Many men and women are seeking the truth and wanting to find the answers that will bring them more fulfillment, happiness and love. For those seeking, they will find their way to this book and they will be guided one day at a time to release the effects of fear that cause them limitation in their lives. They will be empowered and inspired to make choices that come from a place of love and therefore experience a life filled with the magic and miracles of love.



Testimonials for What Would Love Do? A 40 Day Journey
  • Karen Paolino showers us with love and guides us in a pure and powerful way to bring more love into our lives, our days, and the world. As she reminds us to ask, “What would Love Do?,” she invites us to step into the larger mystery of all that we are and all that we are meant to be. She offers us simple steps, clear direction, and infuses our day with gentleness and self-mastery. www.ThisTimeIDance.com

    Tama J. Kieves bestselling author of THIS TIME I DANCE! Creating the Work You Love
  • I have learned a lot about myself during this journey to re-member love. I have learned to forgive others and myself for past mistakes. I try to find the good in people and I practice asking, what would love do? Holding on to my feelings of hurt and anger just doesn’t seem appealing anymore. I feel so enlightened and so loved. Thank you so much for this special gift you have given us. It will be with me always.

  • The 40-day Journey, “What Would Love Do?” came in to my life at a time when I really needed it! I’ve been struggling with career change, relationship issues, 3 children who have grown into young adults sometimes struggling to find their way, loneliness, and the need to be myself yet fulfill the needs of others. And then we started the 40-day Journey! The messages and Blessings that Karen has shared and communicated to us have helped me find my spiritual center amid the turmoil. As others may have experienced, each message seemed to come at just the right time. I couldn’t wait to read each message because it means hope. The issues of my life still surround me but now I feel centered in my heart, choosing to radiate in the light of Love, asking Light to shine into any darkness. And when I ask, “What would Love do?” I feel the presence of all those who have guided us and accompanied us on the 40-day Journey.

  • Since I have been on this journey, I have begun to see everything in a new light.  I have become much more conscious of what I say and do and in return, people seem to be reacting to me a little differently.


  • Since I have been on this 40-day journey “What Would Love Do?”, I have begun to see everything in a new light.  I have become much more conscious of what I say and do and in return, people seem to be reacting to me a little differently.


  • When I read the book “What Would Love Do? I realized fear did, indeed, take over my life, but not the way I would be able to recognize it. It was subtle, and I forgot about self-love .If I had not been sent your contact, I would not have awakened to the levels under which I’ve buried my self-love and all that goes with it. WOW!!


Each day the reader receives tools that empower them to release the effects of fear and to choose love in every way, through their thoughts, choices and actions. One of the most important tools that has created miracles for thousands of participants from all over the world is the “daily practice” which inspires the reader to ask the simple question, “What would love do?” for every situation in their life. This simple question creates miracles and empowers the reader tap into their own intuition to receive the divine answer to any question.

When you say YES! to this journey you will receive a daily email with the spiritual intention and the tools you need to create and manifest your intention of transforming your fears into miracles of love. This will include:

  • Messages and teachings about the daily intention
  • A daily lesson from the Ascended Masters to release fear and choose love
  • A”Truth of the Day” (which is an affirmation)
  • A “Gem of Love” (image to help you remember the messages)
  • 3 questions to reflect on to apply the divine messages to your everyday life
  • Inspirational videos and meditations from Karen

You will also receive a copy of the workbook by email, which you can use to journal, answer the questions of the day and color the “Gem of Love”.

Excerpts from the book “What Would Love Do?”

Day 5 Divine Message to Re-member Love

Day 19 Divine Message to Re-member Love


Audio Recordings from “What Would Love Do?

Play Intro and learn more about this powerful and transformational journey

Play Day 5 “I am enough and I will always be enough”

Play Day 19 “I am the creator. I am creating all that love is”

(These are actual recordings from the CD)