Every one of my books shared below was co-created with the divine. Each one is written to empower you and awaken you to your divine potential. You have the ability to connect and communicate with the divine and manifest a life better than you can imagine. Discover the tools of transformation and empowerment in each book to assist you in receiving the support and answers you are searching for to create more love, joy and ease in all aspects of your life. Blessing, Karen

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The Everything Guide to Angels


Discover the wisdom and healing power of the Angelic Kingdom

By Karen Paolino

The world around you is constantly changing. Through mass media and the Internet you have a conscious awareness of how humanity is challenged every day. Because of this, people are nervous and confused and they are searching for answers. Intuitively many find themselves on the spiritual path trying to find the answers and the support they need. This is exactly why the angels are more present than ever before. They want you to feel more peaceful and they are honored to help you in any way they can. Their mission is to help you discover the answers you seek.

101 Ways To Meet Your Angels


Experience a truly divine encounter

By Karen Paolino

Angels are everywhere – watching over us and even guiding us without our knowledge. In this inspiring and reassuring guide, readers learn to communicate with these heavenly messengers, and call upon them for counsel and consideration. Clairvoyant spiritual counselor Karen Paolino, trained by world-famous angel expert Doreen Virtue, teaches readers how to connect with their team of guardians by: developing their divine intuition; discovering the power of prayer to invoke angel miracles; using angel-specific meditations and affirmations; and, Performing Angel Card readings. Featuring special sections on the history and hierarchy of angels, their individual roles as messengers and protectors, and real-life examples of angel miracles, “101 Ways to Meet Your Angels” is all readers need to meet the angels that offer love, support, and guidance – each and every day!

“What Would Love Do?”


A 40–Day Journey to Transform Your Fears Into Miracles of Love

Author: Karen Paolino

What Would Love Do? A 40-Day Journey to Transform Your Fear Into Miracles of Love, is designed as an inspirational journey of spiritual transformation. This journey is taken one day at a time and every day the reader is given the tools they need to transform fear into miracles of love.

We are living in a time of spiritual awareness, awakening and transformation. Many men and women are seeking the truth and wanting to find the answers that will bring them more fulfillment, happiness and love. For those seeking, they will find their way to this book and they will be guided one day at a time to release the effects of fear that cause them limitation in their lives. They will be empowered and inspired to make choices that come from a place of love and therefore experience a life filled with the magic and miracles of love.

What Would Love Do? Workbook


The intention of the What Would Love Do? Workbook is to reflect on the “Divine Messages of Love” from the Ascended Masters and to integrate them into your personal life experiences. There are four daily steps to take that will empower you to re-member and choose love in all aspects of your life.

This workbook will give you the tools you need to create growth and transformation in the areas of your life you wish to change. The workbook was first developed for the seven week program I facilitate. It became so helpful and fun to use that I decided to offer to everyone.

40 Day Affair With Your Self – Printed Book


Are you ready to passionately have an affair with your Self and fall in love? I hope your answer is YES! This proclamation opens your consciousness to expand so you can be open and willing to receive everything you need to be support and guide you on your journey of self-love.

This is a journey about going within and bringing awareness to your feelings, your truth and the authentic you, who is waiting to be embraced and re-discovered.

You will not be alone on this journey unless you choose. Everyday you are encouraged and guided to ask your Soul, your angels, guides and loved ones in spirit to surround you and support you, as you heal and awaken to your true feelings about yourself and your desire to love and know Self.

During this 40 day journey you will nurture yourself with sacred time to work with the spiritual intention and tools provided for you each day.

This will include:

  • Messages and teachings about the daily intention
  • The “I Love Me” meditation practice
  • The “I AM” Magnificence Affirmation
  • Messages from the Soul
  • Self Reflection Question
  • Daily image of the caterpillar transforming into the butterfly
  • A bedtime “I Love Me” meditation

All of these pieces are shared with the intention to empower you to become one with self-love and owning your true magnificence.