When Life Coaching is the path for you, the answer will be yes to the following questions!

Are you ready to create a newfound sense of excitement for your life?

Is it time to stop denying your true self and stop living in fear?

And most importantly…

Are you ready to discover your unlimited potential to create a life you truly desire?

life-coachingWhat is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is someone who supports you in recognizing your true potential and helping you believe and understand that you have the potential within you, to achieve all your goals, no matter what’s going on in your life or what goal you choose to achieve. A Life Coach also helps you recognize and transform any patterns, self-limiting beliefs and feelings that keep you from achieving your goals. A good coach helps you to strategize and set intentions to initiate and create change so you feel empowered and confident to move forward and before you know it, you have stepped into the reality of your desired goal.

A coach is your partner to illuminate the way to see new possibilities and to help you tap into your own gifts, talents and power to transform your life.

How Can You Benefit from Life Coaching?
  • Work on specific goals or receive support in specific areas of your life; money and prosperity, relationships (romantic, family, and friendship), career, physical health, spirituality, inner peace, and well-being.
  • Explore and recognize any limiting beliefs, fears, or resistance that blocks you from living your life or achieving your goals
  • Shift your perspective to regain your power and recognize your potential
  • Achieve a greater sense of ease, trust, and self-love and let go of what no longer serves you.
  • Get in touch with your inner happiness, passion and joy
  • Formulate “inspired action” steps to put your new awareness and desired direction into practice.
karen-lifecoachingWhy Choose Karen as your Life Coach?

Karen believes every person has within himself or herself everything they need to achieve their unlimited potential and for over 25 year she has passionately empowered others to remember their magnificence through her work as a successful business owner, author, teacher, trainer and facilitator of individual private sessions. She combines her gifts as an Certified Life Coach, Intuitive, Hypnotherapist, and Soul Entrainment Coach to support her clients in taking their power back to transform what no longer serves them and to work through their blocks and fears so they can move in the direction of their True Self, believing and knowing beyond any doubt that they can manifest and create their inner desires and dreams.

Karen’s role as a Life Coach is to support you and help you believe in your unlimited potential and the power within you to create the life you truly desire. As one of her clients shared….

Can you have it all? Working with Karen makes me believe I can! ~Judy

free-20-minute-consultation-badgeKaren’s Life Coaching Services:

Life Coaching
Are you feeling stuck or are you ready to take charge of your life and move forward? Bring your top two or three goals to your session and if you are not sure what you want to focus on, don’t worry, it will emerge as we focus on what it is you want to feel and experience in your life. We will work together as I support you in identifying what might be holding you back as well as gaining clarity to new perspectives and attitudes to empower you to achieve your goals. You will be supported to create the change and transformation you seek with “inspired action” steps that will help you achieve the feelings of your dreams and what you truly desire so you can begin to manifest miracles and experience the change seek in your life.

Fulfill A Personal Dream or Life Purpose
If you are focused and ready to pursue a specific dream or step into your life purpose this coaching program is for you. This is designed help you recognize and transform your fears and limiting beliefs so you can move forward with courage, support and inspired action to step into the reality of your desire. You will not only own your inner power to create but you will also co-create with Divine potential to manifest a flow of miracles, support and everything you need to become one with the reality of your dream or life purpose. Here a just a few possibilities that other clients have achieved…

  • Take the leap and transition into your Life Purpose
  • Transform your relationships or manifest your soul mate
  • Create financial abundance or success in your business
  • Live your dream, whatever it may be

Life Coaching Sessions (choose one)

A Course in Miracles tells us, “All that is required for a miracle is a little willingness.”

Spiritual Life Coaching
Here is a unique opportunity to achieve your goals, expand your consciousness and co-create with the Divine. Karen offers her expertise of supporting you with her most powerful tools for healing, transformation and remembering your true potential. You will experience a Soul Entrainment session, an angel reading, 4 Life Coaching sessions and one of her two programs “40 Day Affair with Your Self” or “What Would Love Do? This program is for those of you who are spiritually open and ready to move quickly, and create significant change and transformation in your life with the help of the divine.

Spiritual Life Coaching package Includes:
4 Life Coaching Sessions, One Soul Entrainment Session, One Angel Reading and Online Program “40 Day Affair with Your Self” or “What Would Love Do?”

Spiritual Life Coaching Package Price: $499.50  

You can achieve many goals and work through you fears and blocks in your life coaching sessions. If you need support in choosing your life coaching package or if you have any questions please email Karen at Karen@CreateHeaven.com

Please email Karen@Createheaven.com to schedule your session and provide following information:

Full name:
In person or phone or Skype coaching and if so what time zone you are in:
Phone number to contact to confirm:
Day of week and time of day preference:
Have you had a session with Karen before and if so when?

**Please note that at this time sooner availability is available for day time appointments vs. night time and weekends.

Either myself or my executive assistant Sheree, will be following up with you.

Thank you! I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you in achieving your goals!