What if you could easily and instantaneously access divine guidance to lead you to your highest outcome in any situation?

You already have the answers within you and I will show you how to access them to reveal the divine answer.

For almost 15 years now, people have been coming to me for readings looking for the answers to their life questions. What I’ve witnessed is… divine guidance is often confirmation to what you already know and many times people are really seeking validation vs. answers. A reading provides reassurance and confirmation to what your intuition has been calling out to you. So in a nutshell…the answers really lie within you when you listen to your Divine Self.

Which leads me back to the core intention, how to receive instant divine guidance. Grab a piece of paper and a pen or reflect on each step with intention and then witness the power of this simple exercise.

Step One…If you had a private sitting with the divine, what question would you ask? You can write it down or think it to yourself. Trust me, it works much better if you focus on a specific question.

Step Two…Think about your question, take a deep breath and write or say the first thing that comes to you when I ask…What would fear do or say?

Step Three…Take a deep breath and let that answer go. Now write or say the first thing that comes to you when I ask…What would love do or say?

Step Four… Reflect and ask yourself, which answer feels better and which do you choose to follow?

This is simple, profound and the answer from love will always lead you to your highest and best, better than you could ever imagine.

The power of asking this one question, What would love do? was the life changing teachings channeled in my first book, that transformed my life and the lives of many, What Would Love Do? A 40 Day Journey to transform Your Fears into Miracles of Love. Here is an excerpt from the Ascended Masters about this simple and profound question…

Beloved one, you have so many questions and we surround you in love each and every time you ponder these questions. We will reveal the truth and share with you that you hold the answers to all your questions. Re-member the truth, “All I seek is found within” and know that this is true for the answers you are seeking. Every question you ask can be answered by the response to “What would love do?”

You have journeyed many times to re-member all that love is and each and every time you have sought to know the truth of love. Be open in this life experience to becoming one with all that love is and choose to experience it in this physical body. You do not have to wait to leave it to re-member love once again. Discover and reveal the truth of love and continue to answer each and every question with the response to “What would love do?” Know that you, beloved one, hold the answer to each and every question you have ever had.

Many of you seek guidance outside of yourself from friends, family, co-workers and spiritual teachers. We re-mind you that there is nothing wrong with this and we guide you to discern the value of the information you do receive from others and return to the question, “What would love do?” There are many reasons you seek answers outside yourself. Maybe you do not trust yourself and the wisdom you have to find your own answers. Maybe you want to seek the wisdom of others to re-member your own truth. Maybe you simply do not know what else to do. We have re-minded you throughout this journey that love will be the answer to all that you seek and you, beloved one, hold the wisdom of love.
Choose to re-member love and the answers will flow into your consciousness with grace. Many of you are opening to what you perceive as higher guidance from God, angels, guides and other sources of belief. We share with you once again, it is all one and you. beloved one, are joined in this oneness, always. As you choose to re-member love and all that love is, you will realize that all the answers come from the oneness of love. As you feel the oneness of all that love is and you do not perceive the wisdom of love outside of yourself, the grace and ease of the higher vibration of love will just flow into your consciousness. The guidance of love will show you the way to your highest and best self, better than you could ever imagine.

Choose to re-member love, beloved one, in all of your choices. When you forget love and you are caught up in the illusion of fear, re-member the question, “What would love do?” and allow its power to answer. For all that you are seeking will be found in its response. You will re-enter the reality of peace, joy, harmony and abundance.

The blessings of this simple question are beyond what you can imagine at this time. Choose to allow the magic and miracles of its simplicity to unfold in your life experience. Choose to practice this throughout your journey. Witness your transformation to reveal inner peace and then witness the transformation of world peace.

We are always here to help you re-member all that love is and to share with you the wisdom of love. Our intention is to help you re-member and re-unite in its oneness.”

Blessings of Love

I leave you with blessings and I encourage you to play with receiving instant divine guidance and see how the miracles manifest as you consciously choose love. Its simple and profound but as I am learning, it doesn’t need to be difficult unless you choose it to be.

With gratitude, Karen

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