It took me a long time on my spiritual and healing journey to realize what I am going to share with you. Hopefully, it will transform you and save us all from the exhausting and unnecessary pain and struggle that most of us endure.

My work through my modality Soul Entrainment™, is about “In-Lightenment”, achieving enlightenment from the inside out. As you can see, I have changed the spelling of the word enlightenment. Spirit asked me in meditation to change the word enlightenment which in Buddhism is defined as : a final blessed state marked by the absence of desire or suffering to In-Lightenment. Notice the words – “in” “lighten” “me” are contained within the new spelling of the word.

As facilitators, we all want to help our clients feel lighter within themselves. This can be achieved as we help them journey back “home” to remember the truth of who they are. In truth, we are a soul in a human body masked in the forgetfulness of this often times challenging human experience. What if the lightness we are seeking is found within and by reconnecting to the light of your own soul, we can be enlightened. In truth, the soul is already enlightened in its natural state of existence.

I have discovered on my own spiritual journey and by supporting many over nineteen years of facilitating Soul Entrainment™, that the answers we are seeking, in any aspect of our lives, lie dormant within ready to be revealed. Your soul knows how to help you heal and feel what you truly desire to experience and achieve in life. This means…your happiness is an inside job, your peace is an inside job, your worth is an inside job, your fulfillment is an inside job and the love you seek is an inside job. 

To rediscover the all knowing wisdom of the soul is the path to “In-Lightenment” and this is exactly what Soul Entrainment™ facilitates – a reconnection to the soul where all the answers lie and the infinite potential to heal and create your intentions and desires is awakened.  

This shift in consciousness empowers you from within to change what’s no longer working in your life so you no longer have to wait for your outer challenges, circumstances or people to change, in order to feel better. This is about transforming your life from within to witness the changes you desire to experience in your external life.

Clients realize through one Soul Entrainment™ session and they are often shocked, that they have access to their own answers and healing. They realize the power they have been seeking is lying dormant within. The love of their soul has been patiently waiting to be remembered. Soul Entrainment™ is the modality that helps them make this connection and awaken to this truth. 

They also experience the soul as a guide of unconditional love and protection. As if they were being guided by a protective parent of unconditional love. They realize during their session that they are loved no matter what and this allows them to surrender any past suffering and pain. In this safe place of the soul’s unconditional love, they feel empowered and they begin to peel away and heal their internal layers of pain, confusion, trauma, grief, guilt, unworthiness, and fear (to name a few), from their history and life experiences. With each released layer, the soul’s intention is to support and empower the client to return and expand into, the love and truth of who they really are, as a soul. This means the soul knows exactly how to help them access and re-birth their innate feelings of; peace, self love, compassion, forgiveness, joy, aliveness, clarity, direction and purpose (to name a few). 

When a client emerges from a Soul Entrainment™ session they are usually very surprised with the power of what has taken place in a such a short period of time. They naturally feel lighter, more clear in moving forward, and they experience a deeper connection to their soul. They experience the channel of communication with their soul has opened and feels more profound. They have a deeper understanding and knowing – that the answers they are searching for can be found within. The resolution to their life problems and issues are not about the other people and what they do or do not do. They no longer can blame circumstances for their happiness. They realize their empowerment is found by taking their power back and healing from the inside out. If they stay connected to the soul, clarity will be revealed and the soul will guide them through its all knowing wisdom, power, and eternal love. If they choose to stay connected they discover that everything they have been searching for can be found within this love.

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