This week we embark on our yearly journey into the holidays. Some may feel excited to experience holiday traditions as family and friends gather. While others may feel anxious, lonely, or even dread this time of year, as they anticipate the uncomfortable situations or feelings they may face. Others may be experiencing the unknown of the holidays after losing a loved one or dealing with the changes of divorce. Everyone has their personal life experiences and as you will see, each one is different and unique but we all have an opportunity to choose how we decide to experience and journey through this time of year.

Lets use a powerful analogy that supported me in healing a lifelong issue this summer and also empowered many at our fall retreat this past September.

Imagine 25 people coming together for our retreat weekend. Most walk in strangers, each with their own unique life experiences, challenges and feelings about their life, their journey and the weekend. Not one person will experience the exercises, the meditations or the breathwork the same. They will all have their own personal experience because everyone’s life journey is different and unique to them. So now, imagine everyone sitting in the circle in their own bubble of experience, each having their own perception, their own feelings and experience, of what’s taking place.

Imagine we do an exercise where people are triggered in the group. Some begin to cry, some get angry, someone laughs in nervousness, while others feel compassion and some, may feel nothing at all. As a facilitator when this happens, the most empowering thing we can do is encourage them to stay in their own bubble of experience. We ask them to feel what they are feeling but also notice what they are feeling or thinking in response to another persons reaction in the circle. We do not encourage them to jump in other people’s bubbles and try to fix or change what they are feeling. This would only distract them and keep them in avoidance of what they are feeling in their own bubble of experience.

Now, lets bring this analogy to the journey through the holidays. Imagine everyone in a bubble. Everyone’s individual bubble is filled with their lifetime of experiences, feelings and reactions, past and present. So in truth, everyone is going to view and experience the holidays differently from his or her own personal bubble of experience.

So even though you have no control how anyone is going to respond, react or choose to be this holiday season you do have a choice what you are going to experience in your personal bubble of reality. This is also true to what takes place in the world as well. You have no control what terrorists are going to do, but you can choose how you are going to heal your own inner world in relation to it or how you are going to react and respond to it. To simplify, do you choose love in your bubble or do you choose to experience fear.

Empowering Choices to Create Your Bubble of Experience…


When you find yourself annoyed or your mood is descending and patience is warring, remember to breathe. Look around, focus on something to be grateful for; a sight in nature, your body’s health or a smile from a loved one or stranger standing beside you.

Here is another powerful practice of gratitude that I share every year knowing that it manifests miracles. When family or friends gather for the holidays, encourage everyone to share at least one thing they are grateful for (we actually do three at out holiday dinner table). Watch family drama shift to family unity when this occurs. Everyone’s bubble of experience harmonizes in the energy of love and gratitude.

Dealing with Grief

The holidays is a time to recall memories and savor in holiday traditions yet some will be missing those that have journeyed to the other side and other family situations will experience loss and changes through divorce or family disagreements. I have experienced the sudden loss of my sister at 41 and divorce when the kids were 10 and 7. I am not going to say it’s easy but we do have the power to choose our experiences. We can give others and ourselves permission to grieve. Remember, everyone will have his or her own personal bubble of experience when it comes to grieving. Focus on your experience. It will only pain you more and take away from your healing process if you jump in other peoples bubbles thinking you can fix or change their experience. Choose to honor your journey and theirs for what it is in the moment and know you can choose to honor it with love and compassion which always heals.

Your power lies in the present. You can experience gifts of healing and new beginnings even in the midst of change. Your intention to see the gifts and choose to create new experiences shifts the pain to pleasure.

An important point. After receiving so many messages from loved ones in spirit, please know that you are so dearly loved and even though they cannot be with you physically (which I understand is where the pain lies) know they are here, surrounding you in love and they don’t want you to miss out on the joy and wonder of the holidays. They truly want you to be happy.

Choose Love, Choose Peace

More than ever before we need to individually do everything we can to shift what’s happening in the world. It starts in your own bubble of experience. This is where your power lies. So, if you feel angry and judgmental about what’s happening in the world, heal the anger and judgment within you and with your family, friends and co-workers. If you desire peace in the world, journey deeper within yourself to find peace or create a deeper connection with the divine to find inner peace. Whatever you are complaining about in the outer world, heal your inner world. What you desire to see in the world… peace, love, compassion and oneness, then find it for yourself first and reflect it to all those you interact with in your life.

I encourage you to practice observing yourself and others in their bubble of experience with acceptance, compassion and understanding. Realize you only have power over your bubble of experience and how you choose to BE with everyone else’s bubble of experience. They are all unique and different yet beyond the illusion of this life experience, they are all the same. Once our bubble of this reality is popped and we leave this earthly experience, we merge back into the oneness of all that love is. I imagine when we look back and see it for what it was, we wonder, “Why did it take so long to remember the truth of love and unity”. My choice and I ask you to join me this holiday season…Lets wake up now and choose love, for ourselves and for everyone’s individual bubble of experience no matter what it reflects.

Today and always, I am grateful to share the journey with you! Blessings, Karen


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