What if I told you that accepting this gift would manifest healing and miracles in your life?  Would you be open to receive it and give it a try?

I have a beautiful surrender box that I picked up at Christmas Tree Shops years ago when I was going through a tough time during my divorce. I wanted to create a ritual or daily spiritual practice to let go of the issues in my mind and in my life that were weighing heavy. Then a couple months ago, I was guided to revive it from my altar at home and bring it to the center to use during meditation class.  I am so grateful for this divine nudge. I needed to be reminded how powerful and healing this spiritual practice can be and now I can share it with you.

Suggestions for your Surrender Box…

Use a favorite box or any container you already have or you can create your own as pictured above with images, affirmations or your favorite crystals. You may decide to treat yourself and shop for the perfect expression of your surrender box (also google “God Box” and see what you find). The physical box doesn’t matter, its your emotional and spiritual intention that creates your box to manifest miracles. You could actually just visualize this whole process in meditation with a virtual surrender box (I do it all the time).

How do you use your box?…

Pause for a moment and reflect on your obsessive worries and thoughts lately about work, relationships, finances, health or your spiritual path. Got any? After reflecting, take some pieces of paper or stick it notes and write down your worries. It could be a persons name or a representation of the situation. You can use multiple pieces of paper or you can write them all on one. Keep writing and releasing until you feel peace. It’s also important to give yourself permission to spend some time placing your wishes and desires into the box as well. Dream big and believe there are no limitations in this abundant universe.

Close the box and say a prayer…

It’s time to affirm your willingness to surrender and release control of the details; how, when and where your requests are going to be answered and resolved. Close the box and metaphorically give it to the divine, God, spirit or yours angels. Speak from your heart and know that your pure intention to release it to divine intervention, resolution and healing is good enough.

If you choose, here is a prayer to help you…

Prayer to Surrender and Receive Divine Healing, Resolution and Miracles

“Dearest Divine, I am open and willing to release everything I have placed in this box and surrender it with faith, know that the divine already knows the solution, healing and the outcome that’s in the highest and greatest good of all concerned. I let go with love and release it to the angels who lift it into the higher vibrations of light where divine intervention and resolution is already done. Help me to trust that all is well and the highest outcome and miracles will be revealed. I release this now with no attachments knowing that I deserve peace, love and happiness. And so it is.”

One more important piece…

When we did this for the first time in group meditation, everyone placed their intentions in the box and we journeyed into meditation. When I asked everyone to join me and visualize or imagine the angels lifting the box up into the higher octaves of love and light, I could feel the box coming back down and then lifting back up again, as if there was a “tug of war” going on between holding onto the box and surrendering it. I asked for divine support and I clearly heard, “You and others are holding on, wanting to control and you are afraid to truly let go.”

So I asked everyone to join me and we called on Archangel Michael. I recommend you do the same. Ask him to cut any and all energetic cords of fear attached to your intentions in the box. Affirm with Michael, “I am open and willing to release all that no longer serves me”. As you do this, I guarantee you, that the angels will easily lift the box into the higher vibrations of light where healing and resolution is already done.

Since October, I have been practicing this personally and with multiple groups of all ages; kids, teens and adults. It has been amazing to witness the peace participants experience as they choose to surrender and ask for miracles and divine resolution to be revealed. I will be honest with you, some of the prayers I asked for, resolved in very unexpected ways. Trust that there is no need to control, even when you want to. There is a divine plan. Spirit does know the highest and best resolution and outcome. Be willing to trust, have faith and expect, better than you could ever imagine.

Play with your surrender box and believe miracles will unfold. I welcome and invite you to share your experiences. I would be honored.

Blessings, Karen