Resistance keeps us stuck and surrender allows us to move forward into the flow of change and open to new possibilities. This has been my journey over the past eight months. As I look back now, I can see much clearer. I am grateful for where I am in the present and I do believe, the best is yet to come. But I can’t fool myself or you. When change is present, fear is lurking.

I woke up one night in the midst of this past month’s big move and changes as I closed the doors of Heaven on Earth as the center it grew to be. I heard, “Your next blog will be titled, Fears, Tears and Cheers.” I knew this message was really about me, feeling my way through the process in order to move forward in my Highest Self.

So I will share my ebb and flow, the ups and downs of change, as I leave behind what I know. I am on a journey of new beginnings, open and asking Spirit to guide me every step of the way. My prayer is to witness…the best is yet to come! May you see a reflection of yourself in my sharing and may it support you on your journey of change.

Change can activate fear…

Fear of the unknown… I couldn’t imagine why spirit wasn’t providing a resolution to the noise problem in our sacred space. It was a successful center helping many people. I was afraid with doubt… What could be better? Where was I going to go? What was the center to become?

Fear of what other people will think...How will all the other people react in the midst of change? Louie, my family, my clients, students, presenters, and even other center owners. I caught myself several times, feeling the need to mention, “I was successful and I wasn’t making changes because I failed.” Why would I need to say this if my ego wasn’t worried and in fear about what other people were thinking?

Change can activate tears… Feelings are real and over the past sixteen years of doing breathwork religiously, I have learned that honoring your feelings is the pathway to healing and ultimately to letting go of what no longer serves. Grief is a process to release our resistance in letting go of what we know, experienced and created as a dream. Its true for any loss. Tears release the emotions of pain and fear and it can be very healing.

For me, I experienced many emotions as I released my resistance in letting go of the center. Anger that it wasn’t my choice. Excitement for new beginnings and getting to choose again what I really wanted in my life and in my work. And on th final day when I closed the doors and handed my keys in, I cried from 3:00 till I finally cried myself to sleep that night. The tears would not stop flowing and I allowed them. I woke up the next morning cleansed and grateful. I did not resist and allowed the flood gates to open to experience a release that ultimately allowed me to feel freedom and relief.

Change presents opportunity for new beginnings… Some of us initiate change to end suffering or experience something better. While others, like myself in this situation, need the swift kick of the “cosmic boot” in order to let go and move on. No matter how it happens, you and I can choose how to re-birth into new beginnings with thoughts and feelings of fear and dread or optimism and excitement that the best is yet to come.

“Cheers to better than I can imagine” The gift of this whole experience is for me to witness and practice what I speak, teach and write about. The road is wide open and clear now for me to trust and allow Spirit to guide me. I am present each day, clear of any clutter that may have held me back. I choose to follow my inner compass of joy and to trust that I will be led as I affirm daily…“God use my gifts and talents to joyfully make a positive and profound difference in the world.”

So what do you choose as you move through change in your life? How can you look at your fears, feel your tears and let go of what you know, so you can cheer yourself on and welcome new beginnings? Its time to believe and ask for your divine plan to be revealed. Choose your destiny and how you want to live it. Trust and affirm…The best is yet to come and so it is! I leave you with a prayer to support you…

Fears, Tears and Cheers Prayer

Dearest Divine,

Its time for me to release all resistance to change and allow the divine plan to be revealed to me. I ask for your help. Free me, release me please,  from all that no longer serves my highest and best. I am willing to let go and to feel in order to heal.

Its time and I am ready to embody my souls lightness and freedom to experience better than I can imagine. I trust in my divine plan and I ask for you to reassure me daily with divine miracles, clues and guidance, so I can trust as I transition and let go.

Lead me and show me that better than I can imagine is unfolding and I am held tightly in your unconditional love and support. I embrace and allow my divine plan and I celebrate that the best is yet to come! And so it is.

With love and gratitude, Karen

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