Day 5 — What Would Love Do?

Blessings Dear Ones,

We highlight today as a very special day on the journey. For today will bring you true freedom and joy. We wish deeply for you to experience this and all the peace that comes from today’s truth, “I am accepting and loving all of who I am.”

You have been in a state of forgetfulness and you continue to re-awaken to the truth of your magnificence. We shall continue to be with you on this journey of re-membering all the love you truly are.

We ask you to think of a wall of many mirrors in front of you. We use the image to help you know that you have many reflections of yourself that exist in the mirrors from all your experiences in your lifetime. Maybe from an experience of being hurt by the words of your mother, you have a reflection of hurt, or maybe you have an experience of being betrayed by a past relationship and you have a mirror that reflects sadness, or maybe you are proud of your success at work and you have a reflection in the mirror of happiness and the reflections go on and on. We remind you that all of these reflections are ways you experience yourself and they are images of your thoughts, feelings and emotions from all your past experiences. All of these reflections in the mirror make up who you are.

Now let us integrate the “Gem of Love” for the day, an image of the moon and the sun. You have experienced that the moon’s energy is just as important as the sun’s energy. We ask you to reflect on all the aspects of yourself that you may see in the mirror and choose to change your perception. We would like you to transform the consciousness of labeling certain aspects of yourself as “good” or “bad” and be open to embracing all of who you are with love. The light side of you (the sun) and the shadow side of you (the moon) are both a blessing. For we will share a little secret with you: in this human experience your feelings and emotions are there for you to learn and grow from.

So we encourage you throughout the day to become aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions and practice affirming, “I am accepting and loving all of who I am.” When you begin to judge yourself, ask, “What would love choose?”

This is a special day, dear ones, for this is the wisdom you have been asking for and searching for. This is the direction to your personal and global heaven on earth. We are honored and blessed to be of service to all of you. Please continue to ask for our assistance and guidance in helping you re-member all of who you are, for we already know your magnificence.
Enjoy this special day and practice with love and you shall experience love beyond your grandest thoughts.

Blessings of Love

Truth of the Day: “I am accepting and loving all of who I am.”

Gem of Love: The moon and the sun

Practice: Bring awareness to the light side and the shadow side of yourself. Practice getting to know and embracing all aspects of you. Practice asking, “What would love do?”

Karen’s Sharing
Today’s truth, “I am accepting and loving all of who I am,” is a life lesson for me and I continue to journey through my healing process with determination to truly feel it and know it as truth.

Two years after my sister passed, she came to me during a breathwork session. She wanted to share with me the feeling of what it was like for her to pass and not to love herself. It was heartbreaking. I sobbed uncontrollably from this feeling of her pain. Then I experienced the pain of not loving myself, which transformed to the pain of all who have not remembered to love themselves. It overwhelmed me. My sister gave me the feeling of what it was like for her to awaken to self-love after her passing. There are no words to describe the beauty and bliss I felt. At that moment, I made the decision that this love is what I really wanted in my life and I began to feel it in every cell of my being.

A beautiful girl from Toronto came over to me and placed her hand on my heart. I felt this energy comforting me with unconditional love. I experienced and felt her hand turn into my sister’s hand and I could feel my sister’s love pour into me. As I became one with her love, the love for myself experienced a rebirth from deep within. I was one with heaven and earth. As I was bathed in bliss, my eyes opened and instead of the girl from Toronto, I saw my sister sitting in front of me with her hand on my heart and the love from her eyes flowing into me. Our souls became one and we stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity and then we embraced. I felt complete, whole and reborn in the truth of love.

My sister shared with me that she was not meant to awaken to self-love in this lifetime but my destiny was to awaken to love and to experience it in this human body. As I write this, I am sure that this 40-day journey is a key part of this re-awakening. I am determined to live out this life lesson with joy and to help others do the same. I thank my sister for this amazing gift of awareness and in her honor I choose to re-member love and all that love is.

My wish for you is that you allow your own rebirth of self-love. May you be inspired by this story and determined enough to discover the love of the divine within you.