Day 19 — What Would Love Do?

Blessings Dear Ones,

We surround you in the blessings of love. It is our pleasure to be with you once again as you continue to experience this glorious journey of love. Take a moment and allow love to expand as you focus on your breath and breathe deeper into the love that surrounds you. You are embraced in the love of spirit and this love is beyond what you can conceive in this moment, yet we ask you to take in as much as you can. Fill every cell with the luminous light of love. Drink it in, dear ones, and allow yourself to receive the gifts of peace, healing and enlightenment.

We will share with you the Truth of the Day, “I am the creator. I am creating all that love is.” With this truth we ask you to be willing to re-member and claim the power of love. We will re-mind you through this Truth that you are the Creator. You have never been separate from what you imagine the Creator to be. You and “it” are one. You have only forgotten your true heritage in this illusion of forgetfulness. This is what you have called forth, dear ones, to re-member.

So what does it mean that you are the creator? We will spark your memory to bring forth the truth once again. With every thought you think, you create your reality. With every feeling you feel, you create your reality. With every action you take, you create your reality. With every choice you make, you create your reality. With every belief you believe, you create your reality. You are the masters, dear one; you always have been. So in every moment you are creating. Sometimes you create what you want and sometimes you create what you don’t want. Sometimes you create from love and sometimes you create from fear. Yet we re-mind you each creation is your own. Yes, there are others around you creating and so in truth you are co-creating together. Yet, you are responsible for your own creation. You are the master of your destiny.

There is no outside, greater force in control of you. The outside force you have imagined is all that love is and this includes you. There is nothing separate from you; it is all one. You are creating in every moment and there is creation taking place all around you and as you witness it, it all blends into one creation.

So we will encourage you to dance with creation and choose what you would like to experience in the dance. You do have the power to create what you choose and we will nudge you to expand your creation to experience all that love is. For we know that this experience would be grand beyond your wildest dreams—and we know some of you have wild dreams!

So you ask, how can I create what I desire? Focus, dear ones, and create crystal clear intentions. Focus your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions on love. Intend to experience all that love is. Dream your dreams and imagine and know them to be truth. Claim your creations and be in the reality of them now.

Let us assist you even further with the Gem of Love today. We give you a blank canvas and a palette full of paints. We ask you to paint your perfect picture and dream big! What would the picture of your relationships look and feel like? What would your home look and feel like? What would your perfect job look and feel like? What would your bank accounts look and feel like? What would your body look and feel like? What would your world look and feel like? The possibilities are vast when you open your awareness to the unlimited potential of creation.

Look what you as creators have put into creation; look all around you. Ask yourself, where did it all come from and how did it all come to be? It started with one thought, dear ones, and then expanded into all that is.

Be the creator, dear ones and create from love. Ask yourself throughout the day, “What would love do?” “What would love choose to create?” Go into your hearts and seek what you would like to create from love, from your true hearts’ desires. Have the courage to start with your thoughts and center them on love. Then choose to act and put forth the energy to create what you truly desire.

We are right here by your side and we will co-create with love. We are blessed when you ask for our assistance for this is what brings us joy. You do not have to journey alone, for your fellow creators in physical form are also there to assist you. This is the divine plan.

Play, dear ones, and create with intention. Be a witness to the miracles of love as they take form. Enjoy the blessings.

Blessings of Love

Truth of the Day: “I am the creator. I am creating all that love is.”

Gem of Love: A blank canvas and a full palette of paints

Practice: Focus your thoughts, beliefs and choices on what you desire. Have crystal clear intentions. Choose to ask, “What would love do?” “What would love create?”

Karen’s Sharing
I love today’s Truth of the Day, “I am the creator. I am creating all that love is.” I already believe this to be true and I have been manifesting my heart’s desires for years.

One of my first spiritual practices was using the power of affirmations to achieve my personal goals and intentions. An affirmation is an emotionally charged positive statement that, when verbally or mentally repeated, can tap into the unlimited power of the subconscious mind to manifest your desires. This practice empowered me to change my negative thoughts into positive thoughts and I experienced wonderful changes in all aspects of my life—physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.

I read all the books I could find on manifesting and creating your reality. I found it fascinating and as I practiced, I began to witness the magic unfolding in my life.

One of my best creations is the house I am now living in. I was on my own renting an apartment soon after my divorce and I really didn’t know how I was going to afford a house for my children and me. One of the rules of manifestation is to have a crystal clear intention, so I sat down and made my wish list for the house. I was very specific as to the location, how many bathrooms and bedrooms, what the landscaping was like, that it had an in-ground pool, the feeling of the house and the neighborhood, and I included any other details I felt important. When I wrote my wish list I had no idea how I was going to afford this house. The money was certainly not in my bank account and it was challenging to get a mortgage because I was self-employed.

Another rule in manifesting your desires is to re-state your negative beliefs into positive intentions or affirmations and then to feel and envision your desired outcome. So I affirmed, “I have everything I need to buy the perfect house, in the perfect place, at the perfect price, at the perfect time and so it is.” Then I imagined us swimming in the pool and having friends over to enjoy the day together. I imagined us all saying goodnight to each other as we slept in our separate beds and fell asleep, happy to be at home. My final step was to surrender my wish list and my intentions to God and the angels and I asked them to show me the way.

Six months later I closed on my house and I checked off everything on my wish list. To my surprise I forgot to list a fireplace and I didn’t get it. The gift is, I have the opportunity to create it in my next home.

We all have the ability to create what we truly desire as long as it’s for our highest and best purpose. I always include this prayer when stating my intentions, “I am open and willing to experience my highest and best and the highest and best for all, better than I could ever imagine.” This opens your awareness to experience your highest potential and the unlimited possibilities of creation.

I encourage you to reflect on today’s truth and to pay attention to these messages from the divine masters. Their wish for you is joy and happiness and they are always there for you in love and support. They will guide you and if you choose, you will “wake up” to experience the divine manifestations of love that exist all around you.