Date / Time
07/27/2020 - 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

1 Day Post-Conference Workshop – July 27th – Karen Paolino Correia – Healing the Root Cause and Accessing Higher Wisdom with Soul Entrainment™

We all want to help our clients access the root cause of their issues, pain, dis-ease, and repetitive patterns so they can heal and move forward. During this powerful one day workshop, you will discover the wisdom of the soul and how the soul knows everything about your client especially, how to help them access and heal the root cause of their challenges.


Witness multiple sessions during the day to understand the power of the soul and how it can guide your client to the deepest level of healing and present miracles to your clients in one session. Feel confident when you leave that you can empower others through the souls knowing and unconditional love.

During this one day workshop, you will:

  • Understand why working with the soul can be the most powerful session you can facilitate with your client Learn how to interview a client prior to a session to create clear goals and intentions
  • Learn a specific induction to access the higher wisdom of the soul
  • Learn how to work with the soul to guide you and your clients to the answers or healing they are searching for
  • Learn techniques and questions to use during your session to help your client get the most out of each experience
  • Discover how you can use Soul Entrainment to discover the root cause of any fear, problem or concerning issue
Where: Hilton Los Angeles North/ Glendale
Cost $175.00
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