Date / Time
10/08/2018 - 10/23/2018 - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

This journey is for the true Spiritual Illuminator. For those of you who know deep within, that you came here in this lifetime, to wake up and embody your Divine Self. To live it, create miracles, and serve others.

This is about In-Lightenment- re-membering and manifesting enlightenment and all that you desire and seek, from the inside out.

What is included?

This will be a 20-week tele-course Yes, this is a spiritual journey and a commitment to yourself and the healing of your “small self” to awaken and embody your Divine Self.

We will journey through the Chakras of Divine Awakening and you will work with a team of Divine Spiritual Helpers for each Chakra with intention and spiritual practice for a period of two weeks.

A 2-Hour Tele-course every two weeks (via phone or internet) to journey through the intentions laid out below.

During the week in between Karen will reconnect with you through a Facebook Live session (on a private Facebook page) to support you, answer questions, facilitate a teaching, exercise, and/or meditation. **If you are not on Facebook the Recorded Video will be provided for you through email.

A Private Coaching Session ($195 value) at the beginning of your journey so you can get the most out of the course. With support and intuitive coaching, together we will ground your intentions for your healing, manifesting your desires, and divine expansion. Karen will also offer additional coaching sessions if you choose for a discounted price throughout the course for $150 (a savings of $45)

Notebook with Weekly Support and a Guided Meditation for your journey (Books required for the course not Included. See below).


I was led Karen Paolino’s course ‘Journey Home to Your Divine Self’ seeking answers in very confusing times.  The single most profound thing I personally experienced throughout my participation in the course was establishing a very deep connection to all of those divine resources we have available to all us to help us navigate the world today.  I feel such a strong connection to angels ,spirit guides & ascended masters and I honestly don’t know if I would have been able to make this connection on my own. I understand prayer differently now, I understand about seeking guidance when I need help, I have a much broader sense of separating myself from negativity & getting better at understanding situations as opposed to reacting to them, I am making more conscious choices & will continue to improve on all this skills learned as I move forward along my journey!  ~Kimberly

This has been an inspiring and thought provoking journey. The tools Karen provides have helped me to release blockages and negative patterns, freeing me to re-member the Divine within.   Connecting with Karen each week either through conference calls or Facebook provided me with compassionate support and much needed encouragement.  Thank you for sharing your passion, talents and blessings.  ~Mary

Karen is an amazing teacher! You will FEEL her beautiful, healing energy the moment her class begins. My “journey” with her has cracked my soul open wide and has enlightened me beyond words. I plan to take the course for the second time to delve even deeper into my Divine Self. ~Jennifer

Karen is the most amazing spiritual teacher and her wisdom is such a gift! This is my second time that I signed up for “Journey Home to your Divine Self” and each time gets better and better. I loved each of the journey’s and treasure Karen’s her teachings. ~Sharon


Week One (October 8th Teleclass)- Introduction, Connection, and Practicing True Surrender

Introduction to the class
Connecting with your fellow journeyers
Healing and Manifesting with the angelic team of Surrender
Practicing surrender and allowing the Divine grace to be revealed in your life and letting go of what no longer serves you. You already what you are seeking. Its just about bringing light to it.
Working with the spiritual tool of a Surrender Box

Week TwoConnect through Facebook Live

Week Three (October 22 Teleclass)– Awakening your Heart Chakra and Embodying Divine Love

Healing and manifesting with the angelic team of the Divine Heart Center Chakra
Enhancing your Clairsentience to feel and create from your heart center and to receive clear guidance through your feelings and intuition .
Getting in touch with your joy and recommitting to joy
Heal and free yourself through forgiveness with others
Remembering that peace is your divine birthright

Week FourConnect through Facebook Live

Week Five (November 5 Tele-class)- Awakening the Solar Plexis Chakra and Embodying your Divine Power, Purpose, and Worth

Healing and Manifesting with the angelic team of the Divine Solar Plexus Chakra
Learning the difference between human worth and Divine worth
Aligning and bringing clarity to your souls purpose- journey back to pre-birth to remember your soul’s chosen destiny
Release fear in owning your power and awaken your Divine power and courage

Week Six- Connect through Facebook Live

Week Seven (November 19 Tele-class)- Awakening the Sacral Chakra and Embodying Divine Creativity, Relationships, Passion, and Birthing your Divine Goddess Self

Healing and Manifesting with the angelic team of the Divine Sacral Chakra
Healing struggle with unresolved relationships and connect with your soul tribe and relationships
Reconnect with your passion, creativity and what makes you feel alive
Experience a rebirth meditation reclaiming your innocence, purity and the manifestation of your Divine Self

Week Eight- Connect through Facebook Live

Week Nine (December 3rd Tele-class)-Awakening the Root Chakra and Embodying Divine Security, Abundance, Prosperity, and Being the Light onto the World

Healing and Manifesting with the angelic team of the Divine Root Chakra
Revealing your unique purpose and expression here on earth through a Soul Entrainmnent® session
Heal scarcity and lack and anchor yourself in divine security
Removing blocks and opening up to the flow of opportunities, your dreams, and the infinite support and wisdom from your ancestors
Grounding and anchoring your Divine Self in this life experience create to walk in purpose, expression, and service

Week Ten- Connect through Facebook Live

Week Eleven (December 17th Tele-class)-Awakening Your Heart Chakra and Embodying Self Love, Self Acceptance and Compassion

Healing and Manifesting with the angelic team of the Divine Heart Center Chakra
What is self love and how can you awaken Divine love for yourself.
Heal judgement with self and experience compassion and freedom
Deepen your ability to trust yourself and your intuition
Discover that you have the answers and they come from your heart not your head

Week Twelve- Connect through Facebook Live

Week Thirteen (January 7th Tele-class)- Awakening the Throat Chakra and Embodying Divine Expression, Truth, and Authenticity

Healing and Manifesting with the angelic team of the Throat Chakra- Divine Expression and the Ear Chakras of Divine Listening
Committing to your truth and being authentic
Clearing and awakening of the Ear Chakras- Healing the wounds, messages and beliefs from the past that are no longer True to your Divine Self
Enhancing your Clairaudience to listen to hear the voice of love and Divine guidance
Contemplate and practice surrendering to Divine Will

Week Fourteen- Connect through Facebook Live

Week Fifteen (January 21st Tele-class)-Awakening and Embodying Divine Sight with Your Third Eye Chakra

Healing and Manifesting with the angelic team of Divine Sight and the Third Eye Chakra
Working and interpreting visions, symbols, and dreams
Using your inner vision to manifest your dreams and desires
Enhancing your clairvoyance to use it in your everyday life
Keeping a dream journal to heal and receive insight

Week Sixteen- Connect through Facebook Live

Week Seventeen (February 4th Tele-class)- Awakening the Crown Chakra and Embodying Divine Oneness, Wholeness, Inspiration, and Enlightenment

Lifting the veil of illusion of separateness and allowing oneness to be revealed
Opening to infinite possibilities and manifesting from grace
Healing your connection to God and Deepen your oneness with all of creation
Invoke and invite Divine inspiration to flow effortlessly

Week EighteenConnect through Facebook Live

Week Nineteen (February 18th Tele-class)- Welcome Home and Closing Ceremony

Integrating and Aligning all Chakras in Oneness Meditation
Reflection on your growth, expansion, and transformation
Enhancing your life with gratitude
Welcome home celebration

Week Twenty Connect through Facebook Live



“After being on this journey and in this class with Karen it has been a life changing experience for me. Going on an inner journey of your soul and becoming more enlightened with every class was a PROFOUND in every area of my life. The entire group did not want it to end! I loved every moment of it and I am so grateful for having Karen as my teacher and mentor. You are truly a blessing. THANK YOU!!!!!” ~Sharon

“Thank you Karen and classmates for a wonderful spiritual journey. I would highly recommend this journey to spiritual enlightenment for anyone who is interested in learning more about angels and spirituality. Through meditation, homework assignments and meeting and working with my wonderful spirit guides, I was able to heal a broken heart let go of worn out relationships, and see myself as worthy and deserving of all life has to offer. Karen is so compassionate and has a real gift to help people heal and see themselves for the beautiful person that they are. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is very relatable to everyone. The classes are fun, thought provoking and enable us to find the clarity we need to see what areas of our life we would like to better. Karen, I can’t thank you enough.” ~Elizabeth

“This course with Karen was a very transformational course. It went deep and allowed things inside me to be revealed
released and grounded my strengths. I feel more peace now and not in such a hurry to get “somewhere” spiritually. I have arrived! Karen is a gifted facilitator, this class did not disappoint!
” Much Love, Stefanie

“Karen’s encouraging and courageous energy is a breath of fresh air to experience within her newest 20-week class. I continue to hear her voice–excited about teaching and learning throughout my days. She is generous, supportive and is always willing to share personal experience to illustrate her point–funny, sad or profound, Karen’s heartopening ways helped me tap into the depths of my own heart and thus, afforded me the skill to assist others in my life. Thank you Karen and the Angels!!” ~Ellen

Investment in Your Journey Home to Your Divine Self– $777 (This includes a private coaching session with Karen valued at $195)
Payment plan available if needed- 7 payments Of $111 and paid in full by Dec 1st.

When: Monday Nights- 2 Hour Teleclasses- October 8th, 15, 22, 29, November 5, 12, 19, 26, December 3, 11, 17, 27, January 7, 14, 21, 28, February 4, 11, 18, 25

Facebook Live teachings on private page for group to be announced dates and times in between the Tele-classes

Where: Tele-classes easily accessed from phone or internet and all classes are recorded and can be downloaded.

Books or Audio Books Requires for the Journey

Outrageous Openness- Tosha Silver
I Am the Word- Paul Selig
Archangels and Ascended Masters- Doreen Virtue

The Untethered Soul- Michael Singer

Jeshua Channelings- Pamela Kribbe

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