Date / Time
02/15/2020 - All Day

Karen and Louie are very excited to collaborate with Alexa and Luke for a day of opening and healing your heart with the support of ceremonial cacao and Breathwork. During the month of love this is the perfect time to journey deeper into healing, expanding and opening your heart to all that love is and can be.

In the morning….

Cacao: Journey to the Heart 

Ceremonial cacao creates a sacred container for self-exploration and acceptance. Pairing the elements of cacao and ceremony with intention breath and sound magnifies a sense of vibrance and wellness for the whole bodymind system. Plus- its fun!!

This ceremony will pair the plant medicine with sounding of selected heart opening songs, to open up the portal to great spirit. We will utilize breath to access our prana or chi body and sound to explore our expansion. We will end the workshop feeling connected and uplifted.

Benefits of Cacao: Cacao supports and protects your cardiovascular system as a rich source of antioxidants. The theobromine stimulates your heart and at the same time dilutes your blood vessels to regulate your blood pressure. Anandamide in cacao supports a sense of connection and bliss! These molecules increase the flow of oxygen through your body.

In the afternoon….

Breathwork: Sorry SOLD OUT!

Your Morning Facilitators: Alexa and Luke serve the community through offering medicine ceremonies that bring awareness and gratitude back to the Earth. Luke is an IAKP Kambo practitioner and ceremonial musician that has been initiated into the Nga Mi Son sect of Mahayana Buddhism, a philosophy rooted in service and loving-kindness. Alexa provides psycho-spiritual inquiry practices through her training in Cacao ceremony facilitation, yin yoga and Masters degree in Transpersonal holistic psychotherapy. Their passion is to explore conscious relationship through ritual, animism and play. To learn more visit

Your Afternoon Facilitators: Louis and Karen are the founders of Quantum-Breathwork and have been practicing Breathwork for over 20 years and are trained and certified in multiple forms of Breathwork. They are skilled, loving and highly intuitive facilitators, who have facilitated their sessions in monthly groups and during weekend retreats.


Cacao ceremony 10:00 – 12:00 – $45.

Breathwork 1:00 – 5:00 – $99 SORRY SOLD OUT!

Location: Ageless Yoga, Pembroke Ma

Eat lightly and bring your pillow and blanket and wear comfortable clothing


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