NEW! 40 Day Journey – Oracle Cards to Ask Your Soul

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06/22/2021 - 07/31/2021 - 12:00 am

I have wanted to create my own oracle deck for years. What held me back? I was waiting for the artist to design the cards. Unbeknownst to me, that artist was going to be me!

Let me share the divine unfoldment leading me to the birth of my own oracle deck…

After some intense healing work, I reopened the door to the artist within me which I closed back in my 20’s when I was an art student at Syracuse University out of insecurity and not feeling good enough.

I started sharing in Soul Portrait Readings combining my intuitive work, my Soul Entrainment® modality and my rebirthed creativity. Its brought me so much joy and the response has been better than I could imagine.

Then, I launched my Ask Your Soul…Your Soul Knows series supporting others in connecting and living in alignment to their soul.  

This journey empowered me to FINALLY be ready to create my own oracle deck and I am inviting you to collaborate with me as I support you and you can support me.

Here is my vision…

I like uniqueness. I see this deck supporting and empowering others to discover… you hold the answers you are looking for because your soul knows everything about you, past, present, and future and it will always guide you to your highest and greatest good. You just have to learn how to ask and be open to receive.

So, this deck is a tool to receive insight from your soul and it can be used in readings to receive clarity, direction and healing but it will also teach you how to question the soul to receive answers. 

The other uniqueness with this deck is…you can use the deck to take a 40 day journey of spiritual practice, enlightenment and transformation.

I have written four other forty day journeys since 2005 and have supported thousands around the globe. This oracle deck will be another 40 day journey where you can journey with the soul picking one card at a day until you complete the 40 card deck. Magically and in divine flow your journey will unfold for your highest and greatest good in oneness with your soul.

So here is how we can support each other…

On June 22nd, the day of the summer solstice, the brightest day of the year to symbolize the light and brilliance of your soul, I invite everyone to start with me in a 40 Day Journey – Oracle Cards to Ask Your Soul

  • Each day for 40 days straight you will receive by email the oracle image of the day and its intention, teaching, and a question to Ask the Soul to support you in receive the answers. 
  • You will be supporting me to complete this project by participating in this journey as you receive and share in the birth of the art and images for the oracle cards, and the teaching and messages for the oracle book which will be included with the deck. 
  • The tuition which I am keeping very reasonable will help support the publishing of the deck
  • BIG BONUS…If you purchase the 40 day journey starting on 6/22, when the deck is completed you will be the 1st to receive a FREE completed deck of the NEW! Ask Your Soul Oracle Cards

It’s a big deal for me to be open to receive in the grace of this collaboration. I truly believe, when two or more are gathered in the name of love and Spirit, miracles happen.

Thank you for being on this creative soul filled journey with me and together may we experience better than we could ever imagine. And so it is! 

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