Date / Time
06/14/2020 - All Day

I was honored to be asked to share in joining in community and to support you toTHRIVE from a soul perspective during these times transforming your human experience and personal situations.

As we find ourselves in the throes of uncertainty, one thing has become more clear and persistent than ever before: our soul’s request for us to retreat within and free ourselves from the limitations that have hindered our thriving existence.

While it is our responsibility, as individual beings, to do our own inner work to engender change and growth, it is equally important to recognize when and where external guidance is needed to achieve the very transformation we seek.

In extreme times, interpersonal connection is essential to our well-being. Yes, as humans, we are extraordinarily adaptable and resilient. Some of us are more independent than others. But, as a species, it is in our DNA to socially interact and bond with each other.

Many top medical schools and universities have researched and discovered that social interaction and engagement yield remarkable health benefits, including stronger immunity, better sleep, positive outlook, sharper memory and problem-solving skills, and even longer life expectancy!

So how do we stay on track when our connection to our extended community, our therapeutic resources, our outside world is compromised? We find new and effective ways to receive the guidance we need.

And that is exactly what I have done: for you, me, and anyone who wants to THRIVE in and beyond this challenging time. I am joining forces with Sunny Dawn Johnston and a few other amazing speakers for a full day, online event, Thrive: A New Way of Living interactive series, on June 14th, 2020 from 10:00 am to 5:00pm Pacific time.

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This series will connect you, from the comfort of your own home, directly to me, and a dynamic panel of renowned experts. This month’s series focuses on Connecting with Spirit. Guest Speakers include: Karen Paolino-Correia- Angels: Surrendering Into the Flow of Divine Grace, Dave Campbell- Astrology: Looking Forward to the Rest of 2020 and Beyond; What’s Next? Marla Steele- Animal Communication- Love From Above, How Your Pets In-Spirit Continue to Love, Guide and Heal You, Steven Farmer- Tuning into the Nature Spirits, and Sunny Dawn Johnston- Opening up Your Intuition to be Your Guiding Light!

Together, we will deliver the most cutting-edge insights, tips, tools, and practices. We will help you to remove energy blocks, release limitations and align with the flow of your fullest purpose, potential and truth.

The spiritual body is connected to all things- inner and outer, seen and unseen. We will dive deep into the power of Spirit and uncover simple yet effective ways to maintain a strengthened connection to all that is, no matter what life throws our way. This alone will promote balance in our mental, physical, and emotional bodies.


During every livecast, you will have the chance to interact with THRIVE guests to receive personalized insights for your own challenges. That’s right, my friend! You are not alone!

This remarkable level of personal expert guidance ensures you are thoroughly supported in tending to your whole being so that you reach new levels of wholeness and wellness, and THRIVE!

If you are ready to experience:

  • Less stress, anxiety and physical discomfort
  • Sharper mental clarity, focus and memory
  • More physical energy, mobility and strength
  • Enhanced spiritual awareness and connection
  • Emotional freedom and inner balance
  • Healed relationships with yourself and others
  • Increased confidence and self-worth
  • Meaningful connection with a supportive community
  • Abundance and creativity in all areas of life

And so much more.

Then THRIVE with me and these extraordinary experts dedicated to your whole-being health, wellness, and vitality.

AND with the special Pay What You CAN option designed to accommodate all budgets, you get to choose your investment. That’s right, my friend! You in?

The power to THRIVE is right at your fingertips!

“We need joy as we need air. We need love as we need water. We need each other as we need the earth we share.” ~ Maya Angelou

What you get:

  • The full day livecast via zoom
  • Access to decades of expertise, proven knowledge, and cutting-edge insights to help you THRIVE
  • Opportunity to interact live with the experts and get your personal questions/challenges addressed
  • Hands on guided experiences with the teachers
  • Recording of your livecast
  • Connection to an uplifting and encouraging community committed to thriving!

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