Deeper Into the Breath ~A Full Afternoon of Quantum Breathwork

Date / Time
10/01/2023 - 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

During this intimate, experiential, full afternoon program Louie and Karen’s intention is to guide you to reach a deeper connection to your True Self.

You will experience different exercises to clear the way, heal and prepare to get the most out of your breath session.

Then you will journey deeper into the breath with a longer, deeper and more powerful session to heal on all levels and reach altered states of expanded consciousness receiving wisdom, clarity and connection with Spirit.

We will close the day with integration exercises allowing you to move forward with a deeper understanding of self.

What are some the possible experiences during a breath session?
* Open your awareness to deeper states of consciousness
* Connection and healing with loved ones that have passed
* Reaching deeper states of bliss and peace
* Release unconscious, unresolved emotions
* Connect with spiritual wisdom, guides and angels
* Initiate physical, emotional, and spiritual healing
* Releasing and removing blocks of fear and trauma that keep you from moving

Cost: $125 (limited space)

Location: Our sacred place in Johnston RI

Bring your pillow and blanket


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