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10/21/2019 - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Livestreamed Series Online

Your human signature is proof of your identity to claim who you are. You have used it from a very early age and you will continue to use it until the end of your life. Now, as your Soul is awakening, it’s time to awaken and own your Divine Signature. 

What is your Divine Signature?

You are a creation of the Divine, one and the same. You were birthed into this life experience as a manifestation of the Divine who desired to express Itself in form. 

We all have a unique Divine expression just like we have a unique physical expression – the way we look, where we live, what culture we come from, and how we choose to live and experience and express ourselves in our lives.

You have a Divine Signature that is your unique expression to why you are here on earth at this time. This Divine expression is within you waiting to be realized and manifested into its Divine potential.

Are you ready to remember your Divine Signature?

You will know you are ready because you already feel the call. You know you are here to make a difference and experience something greater and more meaningful. You know deep within you, you are here on earth at this time to awaken to your Divine potential – to live it, breathe one with it, and share in it with others.

How will I guide you to awaken and claim your Divine Signature?

Week One – October 21

Make peace with your past. 

Accept that everything that you experienced and anything that happened to you is a part of your Divine plan. Everything that occurred empowered you and gifted you the opportunity to claim your Divine Signature. Experience a profound healing and work with Archangel Jeremial to experience a life review to bring clarity to your Divine Signature.

Week Two – October 28

Claim Your Divine Worth. 

Bring clarity to who you really are and understand that it is your Divine birthright to express your Divinity here on earth at this time. With the help of the Divine (Melchizedek and Archangel Michael) and your Soul, bring awareness to any conscious and unconscious blocks, resistance, and obstacles so you can rise above these illusions that you perceive are holding you back from claiming your Divine Signature. 

Week Three – November 4

Unveil your Divine Signature. 

Journey back to the oneness with God – your Creator. Remember your brilliance, your perfection, your unique expression as the Divine Itself. Remember why you came here and why this Divine awakening is occurring deep within you. Clarify what you are meant to do with it and how you can naturally express, shine and share in your Divine expression. 

Week Four – November 11

Claim your Divine Signature. 

Take ownership and write it into form. Make your imprint open the Universe and claim it into manifestation. Create an inspired action plan so you can move forward in co-creation with the Divine. Discover how you can work with the miracles of Divine Creation to harmonize and enter a Divine flow of manifestations to support you in living your Divine Signature


A recording of each session will be made available to all registered attendees at no additional charge so that if you miss the session or simply want to review it again, you can do so at your leisure. The experience is just as powerful when watching the recording. A video replay and an audio replay are offered that you have the option to stream or download.

For questions about the series, please email karen@createheaven


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