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01/08/2019 - All Day

Are you ready to manifest grace and infinite possibilities?

Then join me for my newest 40 Day Journey staring on 4/4

If you are ready to release through surrender (which is not about giving up but opening up to divine grace so you can receive support and allow infinite opportunities to enter your life).

This is a 40-Day Online Journey supported by me through daily emails filled with inspiration and prayers as well as 6 Tele-classes to support you with insight, sharing, and meditation, which are easily accessed by phone or internet and they are all recorded in case you can’t make it live.

When you say YES! to this journey…

You will receive a daily email with the spiritual intention and the tools you need to free yourself through Surrender and Trust with support on how to open up to the Divine and invite healing, guidance, and miracles. This will include:

  • Inspirational, real and raw dialog to invoke reflection and to encourage you to trust in the power of surrender
  • An unfolding daily pathway to peace, freedom and manifest what you want
  • Daily tools (including a variety of videos, prayers, affirmations, and meditations) to empower you and to invoke divine support and miracles
  • Self reflection questions
  • Support from Karen with a weekly Tele-class (which is also recorded if you cannot attend)
  • Facebook private group page to connect and share

Your Investment Only $99 from the comfort of your home- on the 8th you will receive you first email and then everyday for 40 Days you will receive an email daily around the same time with everything you need to journey.

Where: From the comfort of your home
Tele-class Dates- Monday nights 7:00 EST April 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, May 6th, 20th
*This is easily accessed by phone or internet and all calls are recorded and can be listened to after the call.


This journey of surrender and trust has taught me how to live in the now, the present, and to enjoy life. The endless worry about what could be, is gone. Surrendering and trusting in spirit, God and the angels, has taught me what peace feels like and it is amazing. Thank you for this journey and I look forward to the next. ~Angela

I was guided to take your 40 day class not knowing that I was about to go through a very rough time in my life. This class helped me through so much emotional turmoil and guided me to stay present, breathe and lean into my divine family. I learned so many new ways to connect with the divine and was able to be guided to see things threw a different lens. I would highly highly recommend taking this class. ~Carolyn Eley

This journey spoke directly to my soul. I feel so free to just be. The Divine directed this journey through you to gift to all of us. It is beyond measure. Every morning was like Christmas morning…feeling anticipation and excitement to see where you were taking us! I am definitely joining you again! ~Pat

Karen, I just want to thank you for the incredible 40 Day Journey. I’ve been on many other similar “Quests” for many years now but the combination of your writing, your prayers, the powerful meditations and the support of our weekly teleconferences made a tremendous difference. I will recommend this Journey of Surrender and Trust to all that are ready to usher in a new awareness and way of living life in this present moment. ~Sharon Keeney, Forsyth, MO

I committed to taking time for myself every day for this journey and honestly, it really was a few minutes. The ripple effect of those few minutes created an amazing day. I’m a go, go, go person and I found on this 40 day journey I had to slow down and stay more present and because of this I felt an overall calm take over. I found towards the end I was getting anxious that it would be ending soon and I would miss my daily email. I can’t wait for the next journey to begin! I highly recommend this course! ~Monique

I’ve truly entered this deep place of surrender that was even surprising to me. I wasn’t expecting to experience this so deeply. In this state of surrender I am experiencing such a deep sense of peace, connection and a feeling of being centered and grounded. ~Carolyn

Karen what a beautiful, powerful, and loving experience this 40 day journey has been for me. I’ve had a huge vibrational shift. Thank you! Thank you! ~Lori

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