I have witnessed over the past 20 years of working with students and clients during Soul Entrainment sessions, life coaching, angel readings and various group sessions, the same core issue that blocks and holds us back from our deepest desires or keeps us from taking that leap of faith that to move towards what we really, really want. Can you guess what it is?… Feelings of unworthiness,  and believing we deserve the best.

I discovered my own personal block and resistance to worthiness. As part of my spiritual practice in the new year, I am intentionally choosing what I want to feel in different aspects of my life. Knowing that if I focus on the feeling of what I truly desire, then my intentions will manifest the experience of this desired feeling into all aspects of my life. The same is true for you.

So a couple weeks ago, I decided to choose the feeling of worthiness to focus on. I sat in reflection and tried to understand what it meant to feel worthy and then I tried to connect with the feelings of worthiness. I was blocked, confused, and nothing was coming. I have to share with you, I was shocked. I had witnessed thousands of Soul Entrainment sessions where the soul clearly expressed to my clients their True worth and helped them heal any unresolved feelings of unworthiness. I have also facilitated thousands of angel readings where divine guidance proclaimed the clients natural birthright to receive their divine worth and many times placed a crown on their heads to symbolize the expression of their inherent worth. But here I was, stuck and stumped to get to a feeling of worthiness. I witnessed it, I heard it, but I had yet to move to another level of owning it and embodying the True feeling of worthiness and that really is the key…How can we embody the feeling of worthiness?

So I decided to Google the meaning of; “worthiness”, “inherent worth”, and “soul worth”. I read insight and wisdom from other authors and spiritual teachers. I listened to videos from the Teachings of Abraham channeled by Ester Hicks. I spent the afternoon curled up on the couch with my hot tea and connected to the teachings to explore and connect with the feelings of my inner worth (I encourage you to check it out for yourself).

One of the best articles I found was Owning Your Inherent Worthiness by Christy Whitman. Here is some small excerpts that supported me and hopefully will do the same for you. I encourage you to click on the link highlighted and read the whole article. It’s worth it!

“The lie that many of us have mistaken for the truth is that inner worth is something that is bestowed on us by the outer world; that like a Disney princess, only the love and acceptance of others can convince us that we are good enough to love and accept ourselves.  If we accept this premise, the path to achieving all that we desire becomes one of amassing enough evidence, accomplishments and accolades to finally prove that we are worthy.  Life is seen as a competition; resources are scarce, and we are constantly reminded of all the ways in which we, by comparison, are falling short.”

“Our experience of worthiness (and happiness and abundance and general fabulousness) are states of being that are driven from within. When the inner vibration created by our thoughts, feelings and beliefs is one of knowing that we are inherently worthy, we effortlessly attract from the external world an endless variety of situations, people and experiences that reflect and reinforce this inner knowing.” ~Christy Whitman

Worthiness is your natural divine birthright just because you exist. You are a divine being in this physical body, always was, and will be. Your goodness and greatness is measured by how much you allow and ultimately believe that you deserve good in all ways. When you choose to reconnect and remember your Divine Self you allow your True worth to be revealed.

So I encourage you…Ask your soul to help you know and embody your True worth. When you invite this intention your soul will begin to reveal the path and everything you need to support you in becoming one with your divine worth. Here is a prayer I wrote to support you…

Prayer to Feel Worthy and Deserving

“Dearest angels help me to acknowledge and own by divine worthiness. Help me to know and believe that I deserve the best in every aspect of my life. Please heal all my limiting beliefs that keep me from feeling worthy. I am starting right here and now and I am proclaiming my magnificence. I ask you to help be believe beyond any doubt that I am worthy and deserve of…(state your desire). And so it is.”

I am open to hear your insights on feeling worthy. It will support me and all those that are ready for this transformation.

Blessings, Karen