I imagine some of you were surprised when you read the title of this Miracle Message, “Change Sucks” but that’s the human me, the parts of me that feel just like you when we hit a pothole in the road on this spiritual path. However, when I do choose to step back from the drama and go within and listen my spiritual Self, I hear… Change is an opportunity to grow, expand and to receive what you are asking for. 

Mid October I received a text message from Louie “Big Changes!”. Knowing he had been stressed at work for sometime, I knew he wasn’t joking around. All week I could sense he was not himself, as if he was on the edge of a cliff waiting. I could sense he felt everything spiraling out of control and I imagined he was fearing someone was going to push him off the ledge.

The day before the text came, I brought out my “Surrender Box” during meditation class and asked everyone to place their intentions in the box of what they wanted to release for divine healing and divine intervention. I asked for Louie’s peace and happiness for his highest and greatest good. Trust me, when you feel helpless, prayer always helps.

So the “big changes” were revealed… a new position in the same company, new pay (not the direction you want it to go), and different hours. It was clear in these changes, that the company loves Louie. They could see he was struggling and they wanted him to succeed so they gave him a choice to accept a new position that would allow him to shine in his strengths, his creativity and his gift of connecting and working with customers.

Even though my intuition and my knowing of Louie could see that this was in his highest and best and my prayers were being answered for his peace and happiness, I didn’t like what was happening and the fear of the unknown set in. I started to over think and the “what if’s played out in my mind (sound familiar?). I feared all the perceived changes to our lifestyle and our comfort. I could feel frustration building and my peace was disrupted.

How do we move through change when we feel helpless and life is not in our control?

I can share what brought me through the fear to more peace…

Be honest with what you feel. TALK ABOUT IT!

I knew Louie was going through so many changes but the changes were affecting me as well. I wanted to be there for him and not be afraid but I had to voice my fears, concerns and frustration, as well as my encouragement and support. All these feelings were real and until I got angry, cried and expressed my true feelings I wasn’t coming to a place of peace and acceptance to support both of us. Ask yourself… Am I holding everything in? Do I need to share how I feel?

Know that change is temporary

Before you know it, the unknown is the known and it is no longer called change. I reminded myself over and over again… I have been through so many challenges and changes; financial, relationship, career, and health and I did it! I made it through stronger and with more wisdom, growth and compassion. I can choose and so can you, to remember and affirm…“I am OK and I will always be OK”.

Pray, meditate and ask for help

I, Louie and you do not have to walk this journey alone, nor do we need to figure it all out. We have divine support all around us, always. in all ways. Pray, ask for guidance, miracles and the evidence to prove to you, that all is well and you will be supported. Take time to go within and find peace, listen for your answers and be held in the embrace and protection of the divine.

Trust there is a bigger plan. See change as opportunity.

Not the easiest one to embrace but what if the change you are experiencing is in the highest and best for you and all involved. I know deep inside me that these changes for Louie is an answered prayer for both of us and its leading us to our highest and greatest good. Even through I cannot see it and feel it yet, I know this is guiding me as well to my highest path. We can choose to TRUST in the unknown or fear the unknown. I know which one feels better.

A little secret to share… change is inevitable! You are also human and you experience human feelings and emotions. When you are in the midst of change, take time to step back and go within, use your spiritual tool box, read your spiritual books, connect with spiritual support and call a friend who will listen. Seek to remember, all is well and in ten years from now you will look back and see it differently. I remember doing a meditation when we were asked to go ahead in time, 10 years from now, and to feel the meaning of what’s happening now. Its funny how we make such a big deal about change and 10-20 years from now it will feel so different and we may not even remember it at all.

Re-frame the changes that are occurring and you will experience a different outcome. Ask your soul to help you see the blessings and to reveal the opportunities that are in your highest and best, better than you can imagine.

I leave you with this Prayer for Moving Through Changes

“Dearest Divine, I need reassurance and support to believe that all is well in my world. Help me to feel safe and to trust that the universe and all my spiritual helpers are guiding me and supporting me every step of the way. Help me to believe and know beyond any doubt that we are secure and provided for as we move through this change and transition. Help me to see the blessings and receive the opportunities that come through grace. I trust in your love to guide me and I accept peace now.”

Blessings, Karen