Just for a moment, ask your ego to take a back seat, otherwise it may create confusion. Take a couple deep breaths into your heart. Then read the sharing below, maybe even read it a few times
Plea for love
My husband Louie and I started a 10-week journey called “The Presence Process” by Michael Brown 8 weeks ago and it’s been an amazing and transformational experience. It’s a continuation of our personal commitment to exploring and working with the power of the breath over the past 14 years. This process is a commitment to your self, just like meditation. You participate in a circular breathing process for fifteen minutes, twice a day. It’s accessible to anyone and initiates a journey within to know your self.

To me, the Presence Process is twofold. It activates present moment awareness to awaken the unlimited possibilities of your True Self. The other intention is to access and release suppressed emotions, that keep you from living in the present moment and may cause you to react with charged emotions towards another person or situation.

I love how the author, Michael Brown shares…

“A lifeline to present moment awareness resides within us all: our breath. There is no way to breathe in the future. We can only breathe in the present.”

Sages throughout time have shared… enlightenment is discovered when you can live fully in the present moment. Easier said then done! Yet, Louie and I have shared a similar experience over the past 8 weeks, we feel more aligned with a peace within that keeps us more present and aware.

During the daily sessions, the emphasis is to stay present to your thoughts and emotions and to resist the need to try and figure out where the cause lies, especially when you feel anger, fear or sadness. The breathing practice encourages you to feel and breathe through any discomfort. This discomfort is charged emotions surfacing from the past for integration. You could say… it’s a blessing in disguise.

As Michael Brown simply states, “the past coming to pass” and I would describe it, as finding the missing pieces of myself to feel more whole, peaceful and loving in the present.What has surprised me is the process is on going, even after the fifteen-minute sessions. Last week, I had a vivid, intense dream (where the subconscious can be revealed). I felt the whole experience deeply. I was back in my teens in the house I grew up in. I was going upstairs to ask my mother a question and she was in bed. She had been crying and it was so visual that I could see the tears streaming down her face and her nose was running profusely.

I asked her a question and she couldn’t even hear me. She just told me how she was going to sleep in my room and my bed from now on. In shock and not understanding why, I got upset and said, What about me? I like my bed. Where am I going to sleep? Without regards to my feelings or needs, she just said, That’s how its going to be. I could feel intense anger in the dream and yelled at her. I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! And then I took a hardcover book in my hands and threw it at her and it hit her in the face! In shock and disbelief that I could do this, I stormed out of the room. I woke up feeling intense anger, along with shame and guilt over my strong reaction.

I knew I had an opportunity to heal the feelings that had surfaced during the dream and I immediately went into a circular breathing session to feel and breathe through the emotions. It required persistence but after some time, I felt myself release and journey into a place of peace.

By placing my attention on my emotions, a missing piece to my self and my peace was revealed… healing my relationship with my mother. I have consciously and subconsciously yearned for a different mother. Recently after spending a week with my mother, I left with a similar, long standing feeling; disbelief, judgment and disappointment over the mother I do have. I have longed to forgive and feel acceptance for who she was, is, and always will be. I know deep within, when I forgive her, forgive myself and heal within, I will feel compassion for the pain, the past, and both of our longing for unconditional love


What is your missing piece that keeps you from peace and are you willing to forgive?


One thing I know for sure and Michael Brown validated this in his book as well, forgiveness cannot be forced. You have to feel what’s within to be healed. So how do you begin the process? Focus your attention on yourself. Choose to give unconditional love without judgment to your feelings in relationship to your triggers and messengers that activate your buttons. Allow yourself to unconditionally feel what your emotional body is holding onto. Feel it no matter what. The breath can help you stay with what you are feeling and as you breathe into it and through it, you will feel a release or sense of peace.

When you do care for yourself, give yourself permission to feel and wrap your arms around yourself in unconditional love as you heal. Realize it’s not about the other person. They have their imprints from their childhood and maybe even generations of pain and fear. What if their reactions are a plea for unconditional love? Choose to break the chains of the past, for you, your children and grandchildren to come. Learn to love yourself unconditionally and seek the path of forgiveness.

As you journey towards forgiveness of self and others you can call on the power of prayer. Feeling righteous or judgmental towards the other person is not going to feel any better. Take it from me. It only creates more pain and confusion. Ask for divine to help. Surrender to divine support. Ask for a miraculous healing to feel forgiveness, compassion and peace.  Until this miracle occurs, you don’t have to tolerate mistreatment. Saying “no” is choosing to take care of your self and practice unconditional love.

A Prayer to Support You…
Divine Beloved,


You know how to help me heal from within. My desire is to embody peace and to live my True Authentic Self in the present. Please help me to forgive ____________ (say the person’s name). Help me to forgive myself. Bring healing to the child within. Show me the way to heal and love myself unconditionally.

Please share the divine resolution to the emotional pain from my past so it may be integrated and healed in the present. Through healing and forgiveness may peace prevail within and with those I have chosen to forgive.

Divine Beloved please help all those involved, including me. Heal us back to the core so we can be embraced in your unconditional love and live together in peace and harmony. Help me to feel unconditional love for myself and share this unconditional love with others. And so it is.

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