So in order for you to be open to accepting the miracle I am excited to share with you, we need to start at the beginning, the very beginning of your first breath.

You breathe life into the body to commence this journey. Your spirit, your soul is your breath, it chooses the body for experience, creation and when your journey is complete, you take your last breath and your spirit, your soul releases from the body and expands back into the energy and oneness of All That Is.

So the question is, if this resonates with you…Are you the body or are you the soul?

I want to pause and share Anita Moorjani‘s near death experience from her book Dying to Be Me which is significant for you to awaken the miracle within…

“It didn’t feel as though I’d physically gone somewhere else- it was more as through I had awakened. Perhaps I’d finally been roused from a bad dream. My soul was finally realizing its true magnificence! And in doing so, it was expanding beyond my body and this physical world. It extended further and further outward until it encompassed not only this existence, but continued to expand into another realm that was beyond this time and space, and at the same time included it.

Love, joy, ecstasy and awe poured into me, through me, and engulfed me. I was swallowed up and enveloped in more love than I ever knew existed. I felt more free and alive than I ever had.

The feeling of complete, pure, unconditional love was unlike anything I’d known before. Unqualified and nonjudgmental…it was totally undiscriminating, as if I didn’t have to do anything to deserve it, nor did I have to prove myself to earn it.

She later shares…In this state of clarity, I also realized that I’m not who I’d always thought I was: Here I am without my body, race, culture, religion, or beliefs…Yet I continue to exist! Then what am I? On the contrary, I haven’t ever been this huge, this powerful, or this all-encompassing. Wow, I’ve never, ever felt this way!”

Her revelations continue (be open and feel what relates to you)…

“Why oh why, have I always been so harsh on myself? Why was I always beating myself up? Why was I forsaking myself? Why did I never stand up for myself and show the beauty of my own soul? Why was I always suppressing my own intelligence and creativity to please others? I betrayed myself every time I said yes when I meant no! Why have I violated myself by always needing to seek approval from others just to be myself? Why haven’t I followed my own beautiful heart and spoken my own truth?

Why don’t we realize this when we’re in our physical bodies? How come I never knew that we’re not supposed to be so tough on ourselves?

I still felt myself completely enveloped in a sea of unconditional love and acceptance. I was able to look at myself with fresh eyes, and I saw that I was a beautiful being of the Universe. I understood that just the fact that I existed made me worthy of this tender regard rather than judgement. I didn’t need to do anything specific; I deserved to be loved simply becasue I existed, nothing more and nothing less.

This was rather a surprise for me. because I’d always thought I needed to work at being lovable. I believed that I somehow had to be deserving and worthy of being cared for, so it was incredible to see this wasn’t the case. I’m loved unconditionally, for no reason than simply because I exist.”

When I read this (back to Karen writing) it was life changing for me. It helped me to begin the process of healing some of the similar ingrained messages that Anita shared of never feeling like I was enough. I couldn’t just be myself.

So another piece of my wholeness was shared in meditation this weekend and I would like to share this with you to contemplate along with Anita’s messages from her near death experience. Are you ready to remember who you really are and receive the miracles that awaits you? My belief is that you don’t have to go through a near death experience to remember your Truth and your magnificence (but with certainty, Anita is helping us all remember through her experience what is possible and I imagine this is why she returned and healed herself from stage four cancer, death and lesions all over her body within two weeks of her return).

So be open and contemplate…

What if….
You are loved unconditionally just because you exist?

What if…
You don’t have to do anything to be loved but just re-member the love you already are?

By thinking and believing that you are not enough, right now, as you are, and you believe you have to be something other than who you are, then… you are denying the miracles of infinite love that await you. If you exhaust yourself thinking you  need to be better, thinner, younger, richer, and even perfect, than you are resisting and denying yourself the possibilities of being loved unconditionally just as you are, right now, nothing more, nothing less.

Lets go back to the first breath. You are a beautiful, radiant, whole, magnificent soul that birthed into this this physical body to experience. Think of the last time you saw a baby. Do you not see the baby’s magnificence? Do you not feel unconditional love witnessing the baby’s purity and grace of being? This essence of love is who you are and you are loved unconditionally just like Anita experienced in her near death experience.

The question and the miracle is…
Can you be open to be loved and love yourself just as you are, simply because you exist. Hidden behind this clothed body is your divine self awaiting to be re-memebered. This divine self is whole, perfect, precious, and complete.

What if…
You stopped denying your Divine Self and awakened this unconditional love and you started to ask your Divine Self to lead your life?

I imagine the potential could be and I have experienced many of these…

Your relationships would align to true authentic love, support, acceptance, and joy.
Your purpose and work would reflect passion, service, creativity and fulfillment.
You would love and care for yourself as much as you love and care for others.
You would feel more secure and your finances would flow with more ease, abundance and grace.
You would feel more inner peace, wonder of the miracles around you and gratitude that you are a living breathing soul here to co-create and re-member love

So may I support you with…

A Prayer to Awaken Your Divine Self to Lead and Manifest Miracles…

Divine Beings of Infinite Love,

The time is NOW! I am ready to awaken the Divine Soul that I Am in this physical body. Help me to heal on all levels and release all that no longer serves me, so I may believe in every thought and every cell of my being that I am enough right now, as I am and I am loved unconditionally just because I exist.

I no longer choose to deny my Divine Self. I am ready to experience the reflection of who I truly Am in my everyday life. I allow the divine within me to lead and heal my life.

May the miracles of divine love, support, security, abundance, joy, fulfillment and grace be revealed in every aspect of my life. May the miracle within me create and share miracles to all those that enter my life. As I re-member my Divine Self may others be inspired and empowered to awaken and realign to their Divine Self. And so it is.   


With gratitude and blessings, Karen

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