I really enjoy doing these Angel Readings for you periodically, knowing from past feedback, that they really hit home and support you with love and guidance. So with loving support from the divine, may you again receive your highest and best, better than you could ever imagine.

After a long meditation, I set my intention. I asked the divine to guide me through the cards to share a past, present and future spread for all those that read this.  I asked Spirit to work through me. To choose the cards and then share the messages of divine guidance for the highest and greatest good of all. May you be open to receive…

***Please note that the cards I used for the past, present and future reading are John Holland’s, The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck and Toni Carmine Salerno’s Angels, God and Godesses Oracle Cards.



Your Past…

You have been “waking up” to who you really are and you are more open and willing to see the Truth of who you are, both the shadow, hidden, aspects of yourself and the light and expanded essence of your soul. This journey into your self is necessary and essential to live the life you came here to experience and to awaken to your soul’s true potential.

Notice the image on the “Goddess of Awakening” card, the star’s light illuminating as she is in a place of surrender open to receive. You have been opening up and asking to receive divine support and guidance as you journey deeper into the exploration of yourself and your life. This is igniting your power, your passion and it is rippling into your life.

As you observe the image on the “Power” card, remember you are so much more than you know yourself to be. Your power is divine and you have the strength to do anything and move through any changes that you both fear and desire.

Both yourself and those you relate to, have played in the “dance” of power (see the two faces on the “Power” card). When the ego takes over, power is played out in a fearful way through lies, manipulation, control and intimidation. When your soul takes the lead, power is ignited with confidence, knowing, passion and purpose. I would add an “em” to power because when your soul is your guide you feel empowered. Are you open and willing to become one with the empowerment of your soul and let go of the control of the ego?

Remember as you read on, the past cards are always connected to the present and the future.



Your Present…

Its time to “move on” from the past and what no longer serves you. Interesting for me to witness that the last group reading I did had a similar theme about “moving on” from relationship issues or relationships that are not in alignment with the Truth and integrity of who you have become. When you grow spiritually and let go of the old patterns and beliefs of the ego self and you reawaken the essence and the Truth of your soul, your energy, the vibration of who you are, changes. For example, if you used to create and attract drama and power struggles into your life, now, you no longer desire to engage. You desire more peace and authentic relationships and the drama does not feel comfortable anymore.

So remember the past cards above… if there are still people in your life who misuse their power to control or intimidate you (which comes from their own fear) or if you are still holding onto a situation from your past that is causing you pain, its time to let go and move on from the old to invite the new.

The “Angel of Union” card shares your desire for soul centered relationships with others (see the dove or holy spirit above the two people), partnerships where you feel cooperation, co-creation, authenticity, honesty, joy, love and peace. These relationships or partnerships feel supportive, real and reflect effective and open communication. If you feel you would like divine support to experience more soul centered relationships then ask your soul to guide you to your “tribe”. Ask and hold the desire for this and you will be shown.

The “Angel of Union” card can also bring a message that it is time to deepen your union and onenes with your soul and the divine, knowing that this relationship is blessed and destined for great success.



Your Future

I was not surprised when I saw the “rest and rejuvenate” card since we are in mercury retrograde until May 22nd and for the first time in ten years there is five planets in retrograde. So what does this mean? During this month, take time to step back, reflect, and go within and remember being in nature is a place where you can experience the presence of oneness and listen to the guidance of the divine.

The “Goddess of the Shadows” card reflects a divine transformation that will take place during this month. If you can zoom in to see the image on this card, it shares great insight. The snake reflects, “shedding old skin”. The flames are burning away and the chakras are lit up and the divine light above her head and behind her, symbolizes divine connection and oneness.

You are being presented with the opportunity to release and let go of what no longer aligns with the Truth of who you are. The illusions of the ego are weakening and a new level of soul consciousness is waiting to be revealed to you. As the card says…

Over the coming months, you will find yourself questioning many of your long-held beliefs and you will realize that many of them are simply illusions that only serve to keep you feeling small, inadequate or restricted. This card heralds the start of a wondrous and empowering period of your life which brings to the surface many beautiful experiences and opportunities which, in the past, that your never thought possible.

I have to share one more thing. This morning, I received an email from my friend, astrologer, Regina Hamilton and I was captured by this one paragraph she wrote and I absolutely feel a connection to what has been shared above with this information…

There’s another rare celestial event happening on May 9th. For seven and a half hours, starting at 11:16am, Mercury will be a dot moving across the Sun. This event occurs 14 times in a century, and it represents a cosmic consciousness reboot. There’s a revitalizing force infusing our thought processes with new perspectives and energizing our creative urges. The result of this revivification is a new way of thinking of yourself…a new attitude and vision of who you are is brought into your consciousness…and your experience. You are new in your world!



What a gift when I turned over the “Universe” card as I asked the divine, “What will be the potential outcome of the guidance shared?” Allow me to share the meaning of the card from the book enclosed with the deck because it says it all…

You’ve come far on your journey, and its time to be rewarded for your efforts. This card symbolizes completion, triumph, peace, liberation, and fulfillment. Everything you’ve strived for is with your reach — meet it halfway and grab it! The Universe is the last of the Major Arcana Cards and reflects the work that you’ve accomplished on your travels. — but more importantly, it represents the wisdom that you’ve gained along the way.

You should now honor and acknowledge the truly wonderful soul that you are, and accept the vital part that you play in the big scheme of life.

The world is yours to command, and you’re free to travel in whatever direction your heart desires. You’re connected to everything in the cosmos. The Universe Card is a reminder that the same energy making us the stars in the sky, the same energy that’s coursing through the Universe, is in each and every individual. In ancient times, many believed that each star was the soul of one person (I want to pause here and remind you of the “Goddess of Awakening” card in the past and the image of the star illuminating). They also believed those “souls” shined so brightly to guide others through the darkness and so too can your wise soul.

Blessings everyone and if you choose to share your comments below I would love you to do so, Karen

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  1. How absolutely wonderful that you are sharing this inspiring reading with us, it feels so right in my heart and soul, I feel so blessed to know I am on the right path. Thank you with so much love

  2. Karen, this is spot on with me right now!!!! As a Channel I rarely receive readings for myself. This was needed and so greatly appreciated:) blessings!!!

  3. Thank you Karen for the angel reading. It just reinforced what I was questioning and helped me to have confidence in moving forward.

  4. Karen, thank you for this gift on Mother’s Day. It resonated with me on so many levels, and gave me a feeling of peace and also affirmation, as I am in the midst of one of life’s challenging change events.
    Mary Rose

  5. Thank you Karen. I tend to lose sight of my journey. Life, you know, it can get in the way, or should I say ego? And then your angel readings come along at just the right moment and put me back on the right track!

  6. Thank you, Karen for the beautiful gift.
    Your readings always resonate in my heart.
    It came as no surprise that the message is exactly what I needed to hear.
    Happy Mothers Day!
    Much love!

  7. Thank you so much, this reading touched me deeply and I am breathing in all the wisdom and peace. Happy Mother’s Day and many blessing upon you. ~ S.

  8. I am amazed at how each of the readings is always spot on with my soul journey. Thank you for being a mentor to me on this journey
    Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful women

  9. Thank you Karen! What a special gift to receive on mother day! I very rarely read my email and my intuition guided me to you!
    Just what I needed to hear
    Happy Mothers Day!

  10. Karen-what an amazing reading. I so needed it today! Thanks for sharing these wonderful messages.
    Can’t wait to see what May 9th brings!
    Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

  11. Karen, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gift! I was guided to read this today and it is amazingly spot on for me at this point in my life! Blessing to you and know that you are much appreciated!

  12. Karen,
    I am so thankful to have you in my life as a guide on my journey.
    My own mantra is “Breathe, Believe, Blessed, Balance, Body Heart & Soul”. These words have significant meaning to me and are steps I have taken toward healing. I am always working on these but the last 3 I have been stuck on for a while and have been feeling closer and closer to my awakening with these. It was so inspiring to receive your gift this morning.

    Thank you and see you soon,



  13. Karen : My deepest thanks for taking the time to provide us with this reading! The message was spot on for me, as it was for others. It was an unexpected Mother’s Day gift that truly touched my soul. I am ready for more….

  14. Thank you! this is deeply appreciated. Circumstances have changed for us and we are returning to PA. Your reading helped to drive home the “rightness” of our choices in where life is taking us!


  15. Thank you for the reading. I actually just read it a moment ago and several cards resonated with me. I look forward to the next one.

  16. Hi Karen ,I don’t know how to thank you enough for giving us these free readings, they have been such a comfort and welcome source of peace for me, you have been right on for me these last few readings ,I am trying to find my way and going with the flow .It’s funny I just got this today trouble with my e-mail and I had just told my husband after my brother left,”I”” am so done with drama I used to need it now I can’t stand it anymore” today is May 9th although I have a bad cold I just excepted it as I need to rest and give myself time to think Hmm so grateful

  17. It is so great how much the reading meant to me. It really felt just perfect for what I am going through, and so positive. My friend and I attended your wonderful session in January and I had missed the post, but she told me about it. I feel like the universe made sure I got the message I needed. Awesome! PS: I still feel an ongoing calm from your last session (at Kripalu) even months later!

  18. So happy Pamela you continue to receive exactly what you need. May the peace and calm only expand.

  19. Thank you Karen….I can never read these without crying as they are always so spot on for me!! I love the words of wisdom and guidance….thank you! and Happy Mothers Day!

  20. As always Karen you seem to send your messages only to me, it is amazing that so many people are on the same page.
    Thank you for continuing to inspire.
    God bless you


  21. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This reading was spot on. Everything that came up I have been feeling for a long time and have been working toward making the changes necessary. Seeing it right in front of me only confirmed that I am moving in the right direction. Thank you again!

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