I really enjoy doing these Angel Readings for you periodically, knowing from past feedback, that they really hit home and support you with love and guidance. So with loving support from the divine, may you again receive your highest and best, better than you could ever imagine.

After a long meditation, I set my intention. I asked the divine to guide me through the cards to share a past, present and future spread for all those that read this.  I asked Spirit to work through me. To choose the cards and then share the messages of divine guidance for the highest and greatest good of all. May you be open to receive…

***Please note that the cards I used for the past, present and future reading are John Holland’s, The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck and Toni Carmine Salerno’s Angels, God and Godesses Oracle Cards.


Your Past…FullSizeRender-1


When I saw these two cards in the past position, I felt very excited for all those that would read this. I also had a visual of your spiritual family surrounding you and applauding for you. You have come so far and all your inner work and spiritual studies have paid off. Pause and congratulate yourself for consciously choosing the path of awakening. As I share in my workshops and teachings, it requires work and courage to feel and heal your unresolved emotions of the past. The realize the “blame game” no longer works and you have to take responsibility for how you choose to experience and create your life.

You have awakened to an inner spiritual strength that is rooted in the Truth of who you are. See the glowing image on the card to the left. The Enlightened You, has evolved from all your past experiences. It holds your strength, courage and wisdom. You are so much more than you could imagine yourself to be and you have gained wisdom and strength from your past, that is important for your future. The number nine on the card shares that a deep rooted issue that played out repeatedly in your past, has recently come to completion, healing and enlightenment. Congratulations!!!

Take a deep breath and feel the image on the card to your right. Notice her peacefulness and openness to receive, as if she has truly surrendered. You have and will continue to awaken to the light of your soul (symbolized by the star). Your soul is also represented as the illuminated larger Self on the card to the left and it is larger than life and more present than ever before. You have called your soul to awaken, so allow it to lead your life into a wondrous journey of creation, love, passion and new beginnings.

Remember as you read on, the past cards are always connected to the present and the future.


Your Present…FullSizeRender-2


There is so much to view and see in the image of the “Goddess of Sacred Power” card on the left. The veil is removed from her vision, her ability to see is enhanced. There is a situation or relationship in your current life, where its time to look at it with eyes wide open and to realize its time to take control and to lead with strength. You don’t have to do it alone. You can always ask for divine support, yet, its also important to take action, listen to your inner knowing and follow your intuition. As the card says, What is important right now is someone takes control (which that someone is you or surrender to the divine). It is better to steer a ship somewhere, rather than have it drift aimlessly wherever the wind may blow.

The other card, “Conflict and Defeat”, brings clarity to the situation. This experience has caused you both mental anguish and emotional defeat. Sometimes it feels like you are taking two steps forward and one step back. Exhausting. I personally don’t feel like life should be so hard and when it is, we are not in alignment with our soul or our divine path. If this situation involves another person, especially someone close to you, staying in conflict and not making a decision, could be preventing or enabling them from moving forward as well.

So breathe and remember what your past cards revealed. Your spiritual strength and wisdom are within you and have enlightened you in the past. Choose to trust it and allow it to guide you as you take a leading role in this situation. Your soul wants you to continue your awakening and to experience more flow, passion, peace and love.


Your FutureFullSizeRender-4


In the near future, you have an opportunity to initiate a profound “Spiritual Healing” for yourself and the situation reflected upon during this reading. Again, I remind you, you do not have to do it alone but you do need to play your part. There is spiritual support always there for you to call upon; angels, guides, archangels and ascended masters. It is reflected on the image of the card to the left. She is allowing herself to receive the healing that is there for her and healing is graciously shared with unconditional love.

Sometimes we need to get to the point in a situation where we say, “I am done. I don’t want to do this anymore!” This feeling confirms your inner knowing.. its time to move on, take my  power back and realize this is no longer serving me or those involved. This is the turning point, its not about giving up. You finally let go of the struggle and the suffering and you initiate and move forward into change and transformation. Divine intervention and resolution is allowed through the power of surrender (especially when we consciously ask). This opens the doors for healing, a miracle or an unexpected answer or opportunity to reveal itself. The resolution may be an outcome which you could have never imagined yourself. You may awaken to an inner knowing and the undeniable courage to walk away, only to discover a newfound sense of power and freedom.

The “Throat Chakra” card shares the message that your part is to speak your truth and share how you feel and what you need. Remember to choose to do this when the situation is neutral and not heated. Pray beforehand and ask the divine to provide you with the courage to speak with clarity, truth and love. It really does work. When I am unsure about what to say, in any given situation, I ask the divine to speak through me and it always results in the highest outcome and I am often surprised what words are spoken.





This card shares with you the outcome of the guidance shared in this reading…”Positive Movement Forward” and the number 8 which symbolizes abundance. Connect with the feeling of this card. I hear… Smooth sailing ahead…calm waters and you will are moving into the light. 

You create that movement forward. You steer the ship and align with the divine and to experience calm waters, smooth sailing and the light illuminating the way.

So join me in this prayer to invoke your highest potential…

I ask my Divine support, God and All That Is…

Please support me, guide me and help me to continue to awaken my divine power and potential and to experience divine enlightenment in all aspects of my life. Help me to re-member I have the wisdom and strength within me to create a life filled with peace, love, passion and purpose. I am open and willing to surrender and let go of all that no longer serves me. I ask in return that divine healing take place for all involved and a divine resolution, miracle, or opportunity present itself, so I can be reassured as I move forward. Help me to speak my truth with clarity and love and to allow the divine to speak through me as needed. Show me the way every step forward. I welcome and invite my life to flow effortlessly and with ease into calm peaceful waters. And so it is.

Blessings everyone and if you choose to share your comments below I would love you to do so, Karen

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  1. This perfectly hit the spot…haven’t paid as much attention to spirit, lately, as I’d like to or need to. Just recently began inner spiritual movement again, due to a situation that “I am done with”, as this reading relates to, so it couldn’t have been more timely and helpful, thanks Karen! And Spirit, Guides, Masters & Angels!

  2. On point, Karen. This is what I needed today after an emotionally tumultuous weekend. Thank you!!!

  3. I just finished reading this and knew immediately what it was about. I was unsure as to whether I was wrong to have severed a tie which felt very toxic for me. I feel this is confirmation listening to my intuition is always right. It’s helpful to know how important it is to speak my truth with clarity and love and know I can depend on the divine for guidance. Thank you Karen

  4. Thank you so much, Karen, for this email. Your information pertains so closely to where I am in my life right now that I asked myself, “How could she know this?” I feel blessed to have received it. With gratitude, Maureen

  5. This is so true right now in my life. I have been using Angels, Gods and Goddesses cards recently and they all point in moving forward and letting the past go.

    Thanks again for sharing Karen.

  6. Karen –

    This reading hits everything I am going through right now. It has been exhausting and I finally surrendered to the Divine and asked Mother Mary for help. Thank-you for the reading and the prayer.

  7. Thank you so much, Karen for the very spot on reading. I have been, I am and I hope to be in each of the situations as defined by the cards. Truly enlightening and of great spiritual help to me at this time.
    Thank you

  8. Dear Karen you are right on/ When I read this I really felt that these cards were picked just for me. Thank you for doing this /I love these reading. I thank you for doing this.

    I have taken your Soul entrainment class 2 times now, and I really think I might try it again

  9. Thank you Maddie for sharing. I am grateful its supportive for you and I look forward to seeing you at the next Soul Entrainment!

  10. Maureen they know what you need. Keep asking for support. They heard and you received through this message. Blessings

  11. Karen, So perfect for what has presented to me just this morning. I felt I had pulled these cards myself. Thank you for this reading. Wonderful reinforcement as I move forward on my path. Namaste ?

  12. Dianne I have not heard that comment from anyone else. I wonder if it will upload on another device.

  13. This reading really spoke to me!! It was customed and right on!! I also thank all the angels and others that often come to my rescue.
    Thank you for your insight and guidance …

  14. Thank you so much Karen these readings seem to fit me as well . I had prayed for God to lift the veil help me wow and I have been stuck for 2 1/2 yrs unable to move forward every word of this has given me so much hope I want so badly to move forward as I have had enough but was trying to just surrender not being sure what to do , but I k now I have to take back my power and steer my ship so very grateful to you Karen much love and peace sent your way

  15. Karen, thank you so much for your reading! I do believe my message is about my eldest daughter Jessi.e. Who has moved out numerous times and moved back numerous times as well.
    What you said about the veil lifting, is how I’ve been feeling recently, and feeling very grateful for how much I can see now, that I could not see before. Thank you so much !
    (P. S. I tried to leave a comment with my usual email address but the site would not let me, so I am leaving one with my secondary email address)

  16. Karen, this reading was amazing! I felt that the cards were for me alone as they were so where I am at! Your interpretation of the cards was so descriptive and clear and very uplifting for me. Thank you so much for sending this message and energy my way. Looking forward to attending some of your courses this summer.

  17. Karen, the timing of this reading was perfect as I reached the point this weekend, the veil lifted & I realized that I can’t continue this toxic marriage anymore- Also good to be reassured that there is smooth sailing ahead! Thank you! Louise

  18. From a place of love the divine often shares confirmation of what we already know. May the prayer support you in smooth sailing ahead. Blessings

  19. Karen, I appreciated the opportunity to be present in this reading this morning. Speaking the prayer out loud gave me peace and envoked a range of emotion. Thanks for all you do.

  20. Hi Karen,
    The timing of this reading could not be more perfect and accurate. Thank you for all you do!!
    ? Jenine

  21. Thank you Karen!
    I have been saying those words out loud for weeks and spinning in circles.. With your prayer in my heart I will ask Spirit to guide me as I have the conversations that are necessary knowing that my greatest hurdle for moving forward was not wanting to hurt anyone. Here’s to peaceful positive movement forward. <3 Rosemary

  22. Dear Karen,
    I am just reading this message two days later…life has been hectic! The reading is very intense and seems to coincide with many issues I am dealing with at this time. Hopefully I will grasp what is being said to me and act on it without fear. I had a wonderful phone reading with you in the past and I have your book,” 101 Ways to Meet Your Angels,” which I refer back to frequently. Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sharing these wonderful messages I feel blessed to receive them.

  23. Thank you, Karen. I had a lively day today, and this was just the cherry on top! Thank you for the reminder to pray and ask for guidance before speaking. I know this would help so much! I’m going to give it a go!!

    Hope to see you soon!!

  24. As most are saying, this reading was spot on in terms of what I have been praying for and the guidance I’ve requested. Thank you for sharing your precious gift with all of us!

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