I really enjoy doing these Angel Readings for you periodically, knowing from past feedback, that they really hit home and support you with love and guidance. So with loving support from the divine, may you again receive your highest and best, better than you could ever imagine.

After a long meditation, I set my intention. I asked the divine to guide me through the cards to share a past, present and future spread for all those that read this.  I asked Spirit to work through me. To choose the cards and then share the messages of divine guidance for the highest and greatest good of all. May you be open to receive…

***Please note that the cards I used for the past, present and future reading are Doreen Virtue’s, Magical Mermaid and Dolphin Oracle Cards and Toni Carmine Salerno’s Angels, God and Godesses Oracle Cards.


Your Past…

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This is a time to reflect on letting go of what no longer serves you from a past relationship (it could be more than one but you will know who is as you read further). You are still holding onto to some form of your past pain; resentment, unforgiveness ( of self and others), grief, jealousy or you may be protecting yourself from getting hurt again. The relationship that comes to mind, goes way back before you came into this life experience. You chose on a soul level to journey together in order to heal, grow and evolve through your relationship. So yes, your connection is very deep and sacred (even if it causes pain, anger and sadness).

The “Goddess of Psychic Protection” card reflects that you are still stuck in your past experiences and reactions which effect your present ability to open and heal your heart and mind completely so you can move forward with peace, acceptance, freedom and forgiveness. Its time to stop giving your power to your past and to these relationships. Choose differently to transform your present and future.

Be honest with what relationship comes to mind and what thoughts and feelings still trigger you. This is a clue to what still has yet to be healed and released. I encourage you, please do not judge yourself but celebrate that you have a newfound awareness that will free you to choose peace and acceptance. No one can still harm you from  your past unless you give them the power to do so. You are a powerful divine spiritual being playing out this human experience and your soul is calling you to remember that you can choose again and your present is where your power lies . Your power is not held in the reflections of your past.


Your Present…

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So the past cards are always connected to the present and the future. To let go, heal and transform what no longer serves you from your past relationship, is discovered in your return to Self (with a capital S). The card’s message says…The world around you is simply a reflection of your inner world, beliefs and feelings. It later says, and see this in relation to the person from your past… The Angel of Soul Love realizes that this is a painful and hurtful situation for you and has shown up in your reading today to help you work through and heal this issue. One more message from this card that is important to this reading…You are eternally worthy of love. In essence, you are a wonderous and beautiful being of light and love. You are held in the eternal embrace by the soul of creation, loved and valued more than you will ever know.

You can continue to replay the past over and over again; stewing, wondering and wanting it to be different but this will only keep you stuck and closed to the present or you can choose to receive the guidance of the second card “Contemplation Time” Spend time alone, meditating upon what you truly desire.

Ask yourself in this moment, if you could make a wish about what you would really like to feel in the present and the future in regards to this relationship, what would that feeling be?

This is how you take back your power. You choose to create and return to love, especially self love. If I were to coach you, I would encourage you to go into prayer and ask for healing and forgiveness for self and others. I would also encourage you to ask for the miracle you need to let go of the past. Then proclaim your deepest desire to feel what you truly want to feel within you, no matter what your past was. Choose to return to the love and peace that is already deep within you (and can be found in contemplation time or meditation). This is how you take your power back and reclaim your present life to ignite your future.


Your Future

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The future cards hold the potential and opportunities that you can be experience if you reflect on your past and initiate the guidance given in the present. Great News..there is an AMAZING outcome if you choose.

The “Alchemy” card says, you have the power to create transformation. The definition in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary says Alchemy is…a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way.

This can take place through the power of your desire to create change and also by asking for miracles by calling on the help of the divine.

The second card, “Angel of Relaxation” Let go of desired outcome and you will get what you want. This is the surrender and acceptance card. You will also see the image of the Blessed Mother Mary on this card. She will help you journey and return to the infinite love in your heart if you ask her to. Surrender your pain, confusion, sadness, and any longing and desire for your past (or the relationship) to be different. Ask her to heal you on all levels and surrender the outcome. Pray for divine healing, divine resolution, divine miracles and ask for the divine outcome to be revealed. This is when alchemy occurs.

Once you truly give it up through surrender, you will feel free and then you will be open to receive what the divine knows you need to return to love and experience peace once again. Are you willing to say this prayer now, to invite miracles to unfold?

Dearest Divine, Angel of Soul Love and Mother Mary please surround me in your unconditional love, healing and support. I am ready NOW to heal my past and all that no longer serves me that I am holding onto. You know exactly what that is. My willingness and desire to return to love in the present is my wish and I am open to receive. I need your help and I am surrendering my past hurt, confusion, unforgiveness, anger and sadness. I am welcoming; healing, acceptance and unconditional love to reawaken in my heart, mind, body and spirit. My desire is to live my life with trust and openness to experience All That Love Is. I want to feel….(share what this is and only state what you want, not what you don’t want).  I surrender this all to you and ask for divine healing, divine miracles and a divine outcome, better than I could ever imagine. Show me the way until I am one with the feeling of love and peace. And so it is.

Blessings everyone and if you choose to share your comments below I would love you to do so, Karen


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  1. Thank you so much Karen for this reading. I feel like I have left the past behind. I have such a loving relationship now and I thank God every day for Richard. This unknown I’m facing now I placed in God’s hands. I know He will be by my side. Also I have a job now. I work for Seniors helping Seniors and it is so rewarding. I feel angels all around me. Thank you again . Sherrie

  2. The last few days and year , have been about me trying to let go of my past. It has taken along time to get here and I truly believe I have met my Twin Flame. We both need this and exactly this to move on. You are remarkable! This is not the first time you have done something like this for me! XOX I will see you soon! I have felt my Angels with me everyday and see the signs every day! I am finding my true self, my spiritual self! My heart is so full!


  3. Thank you Karen, that reading really resonates with me and I needed to hear it today. You are truly a divine messenger and a blessing to all. Love & light to you!

  4. Karen you are always right on….with the right words,wisdom,and strength……I can never read them without breaking into tears almost immediately because they are so spot on…..if only I could get it into my head….I would heal…..I am strong but I feel such a huge block!!! thankyou Karen for who you are! Dianne

  5. This was lovely–just what I needed at this time–thank you. I am sending this to some friends I believe would benefit.

  6. Thank you, Karen. This is just what my soul has crying for right now. I can now almost feel it coming my way as I open myself to receive with ease under grace. Much love & light to you, Karen – Namaste!

  7. Karen. This was truly amazing… I’ve been working through much of what you described during the past year. I too feel that I’ve met my soulmate, although holding back . It is time for me to let go of my past and move forward. Thank you for this reading – you have a wonderful gift and I appreciate your insight. I have much to learn, but feel like I am moving in the right direction. Thank you…
    A greatful heart,

  8. VERY GRATEFUL for you Karen, for your work, and for this Reading ! Thank you for the powerful insight and clear Messages. May the Angels continue to bless you. . . . . and bless us all ! Sincerely

  9. This Divine guidance could not be more timely. My husband and I live with his Parkinson’s disease and I suspect that he is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s too. I feel the support of the Blessed Mother and the Angels. You are an angel, Karen!
    Many thanks,

  10. Hi Karen – This reading really helped me see in the past cards that I needed to come back to knowing and feeling that I value myself, my gifts and my talents. I am looking for a job after being laid off a few weeks ago so to be able to feel a deep happiness and embracing of myself and the world without overextending myself is a real gift. Beautiful work. Thankyou! Susan

  11. Thank you so much Karen! This came at the perfect time and was something I definitely needed and it deeply resonated with me. Thanks for everything!

  12. karen i needed to hear this it couldnt be more perfect timimg. god gave us an incredable earth angel . thank you so much love, light and blessing

  13. Hi Karen, what really resonates with me right now is “let go of desired outcome and you will get what you want.” This spells it out clearly for me. Thank you!!!

  14. I am looking forward to my first angel reading! This email has already touched my heart in so many ways. Maureen

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