Are you stuck in fear as change is occurring in your life?
Do you want to make changes but you just don’t have
the courage or confidence to move forward?
Do you feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you?
Then keep reading…

I can relate. This was me dealing with these feelings 6 months ago. We had just moved through a major change in Louie’s job when he decided to take a step down from a stressful management position. With this decision came a significant decrease in income but we both decided his peace was more important than the money. Then the noise issues intensified at the center and after 6 months of no resolution, I turned in my keys on May 1st and surrendered to embark on a journey into the unknown.

I can say now, looking back, and Louie would also agree, that through the roller coaster ride of emotions from fear and resistance to tears and confusion, we now feel grateful for all the changes and we realize there are so many blessings in disguise. There have been miracles experienced that we can not deny.

I will share with vulnerability in hopes that you will not feel alone but empowered to know that you have a choice and you are truly not alone in your life challenges.

The blessings in disguise…

  • I remember using the surrender box last October and praying and asking for Louie’s peace at work. He had been so stressed out and that same day his company sat him down and shared how they valued him and offered him another position in the store. He now enjoys work and has his peace.
  • I can’t say I didn’t go through anger and fear about his decrease in pay because I did. But within months I was shown the divine plan. The exact amount he lost in pay was the same amount I gained back when my expenses for rent dramatically decreased when I moved the location of my business. So our lifestyle did not have to change but we both had more peace.
  • I could have never imagined that letting go of running the center and managing all the presenters and workshops (which I loved) could move me in a direction for my highest and best, better than I could imagine (even though that’s what I preach). When I surrendered, Spirit had a plan and I finally got out of my own way, so it could unfold. Doors opened to opportunities I had dreamed of, to speak, teach, inspire and do more of the work I loved and was ready for. I have to be honest, I realized shortly after my transition that there was a part of me hiding behind the center. An unconscious part of me wanting to keep myself small.  But that’s not what my soul came here to do and neither did yours!
  •  As I let go of the busyness of the center, I had more time during the day to increase my meditation practice and incorporate the Presence Process (circular breathing) as well. I truly felt Spirit was calling me to go within and deepen my spiritual connection and now I know this is a priority in my life and I look forward my journeys within every day. I feel this alone, has taken my teachings, writing, readings and work with my clients to a whole other level.

So in a nutshell… I feel free, grateful, at peace, and open to the opportunities. I am working less and making more which I could have never imagined this would be an outcome of letting go! I am in a place of surrender, no longer resisting and trying to control my life. I ask Spirit to guide me everyday to joyfully serve for the highest and greatest good of all including myself. I ask God to use me for a purpose greater than I know myself and I follow my inner guidance and take inspired action one day at a time.

I remember using the surrender box last October and praying and asking for Louie’s peace at work. He had been so stressed out and that same day his company sat him down and shared how they valued him and offered him another position in the store. He now enjoys work and has his peace.

For those of you in fear, confusion, doubt and not wanting to let go and make changes in your life, I want to enCOURAGE you to practice the following…

Daily proclaim and have the courage to say…”I choose to let go of what no longer serves me.”

Ask Spirit, your Divine Self, your Soul, God, your Angels, whatever you choose to label your spiritual support…”I surrender. Lead me, guide me, show me the way to my Divine plan. And so it is.”

You are not alone, you are not being screwed by the universe! What if your soul is just trying to align you with your true peace, purpose, joy and love?

Give yourself permission to pause and rest.  Go within and ask for help, listen and just be. Allow your spiritual family to be there for you in support and unconditional love. Ask all day long if you need to, for reassurance that all is well. Ask for direction, clarity and undeniable signs to lead you every day.

Changes can lead you to a life better than you could ever imagine. Its how you choose to move through the changes. You are human, so feel what you feel but don’t get stuck in wallowing or being a victim of your circumstances. Follow and stay true to your heart, your authentic self and don’t compromise. Give yourself permission to discover and embody your True Divine Worth in every aspect of your life.

I leave you with a prayer to support you in moving forward…
I am calling on my infinite Divine Spiritual Family to support me at this time. I ask for healing, courage and guidance as I choose to surrender all that no longer serves me. I am ready to allow the divine plan to be revealed as I let go and invite my highest and best, better than I could ever imagine.Help me to own my divine worth and trust that I am not alone and all will unfold for my highest and best. Continue to show me the way with undeniable reassurance and signs that I am headed in the direction for my greatest good. Close the doors to what no longer serves me and open the doors to the infinite possibilities that are waiting and rightfully mine. And so it is.
With gratitude and blessings, Karen

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  1. Thank you, Karen for writing this story. I am going through some difficult life changes right now and your article definitely helped.

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