The 111 Project- A Big Leap into Greater Love

Please take time to watch this 4 minute video to share in the power of this project…

An Invitation From my Soul to Yours,

Have you been concerned and uncertain about what’s happening? You know and feel we as a collective and our planet is in the midst of great transformation and awakening. When everything seems so chaotic, how many times have you asked, what can I do? Maybe the inspiration of this 111 Project will guide you to the answer.

I have been praying and asking, how may I serve in the midst of the death of the old paradigm and the rebirth of the new earth. My soul has guided me to continue to look deeper within to find the answers and to transform the outer reality I seek, by looking deeper within and taking ownership to heal what’s not in alignment with what I desire to see, feel, and experience in my outer world. I have been purging (literally and figuratively) from my mind and body, and also in my home, removing and releasing all that no longer serves me, including clutter and donating excess of all kinds.

In the past month, I also participate in Tosha Silver’s course, Its Not Your Money: Fully Living from Divine Abundance and this past weekend Louie and I participated in a full ceremonial shamanic weekend retreat. Little did I know that all these pieces to the puzzle were being put together forming a new project to be initiated from my heart and soul.

After my own personal rebirth over this past weekend’s ceremony, it came to me very clearly how I may continue to shed my fears and to serve others in love and to do my part to create the change that is needed in the rebirth of our new earth.

I invite you to join me even if it may stir up some uncomfortable feelings within you. It did for me and it may for you, but keep reading and notice how you feel. This is an opportunity to heal yourself, heal others, and create the change you are seeking. Are you ready to take a big leap and create a ripple of love to be shared and experienced?

I took the leap this past Monday. Because of a passionate and courageous sharing of one of the participants in this past weekend’s retreat, I broke free from the chains of my attachments and fear around money and opened up to the flow of oneness and abundance. The participant’s name was Rick and he shared his challenge of asking for help and the money he needed to support a project he felt deeply passionate about called The Elders Project. He was rooted deeply in his commitment to help the indigenous communities, which he lived with for some time, from the risk of cultural extinction. As I listened, I knew I wanted to support him. I heard his struggle in asking for support but I also felt him break free as he had the courage to ask for what was needed (which I personally know how hard it is to ask for help and how so many struggle with this). I knew I wanted to support him and his foundation.

So Monday morning as I was sending my donation, I typed in $111.00. Knowing this master number carries the universal vibration of the divine, new beginnings, and a fresh start. Then I went for a walk, to listen and reflect on my weekend. It came to me, effortlessly and with a flow of knowingness and excitement… The 111 Project.

I made a commitment that I am sticking to… that for 52 weeks, every Miracle Monday, I am donating $111.00 to a cause or to support change. I will ask Spirit to guide me to where and to whom to send my offering. Simply saying, Spirit guide me where would you like your money to go to create a greater ripple of love.

I want to pause and share that my money fears were activated when this guidance flowed through but I knew it was also an opportunity to break free from these past beliefs and constrictions to allow the knowing of infinite abundance to be demonstrated and shown. With some uncertainty of the unknown, I surrendered to trust and faith and the feeling of excitement and aliveness of future possibilities soared me into inspired action.

So, are you ready to venture into a love co-creation and to share in the miracles with others? I want to invite you and before your fear or resistance kicks in, let me explain. I want to use the power of intention in all of this. The intention to heal all, including you, from the suffering of separateness and I also want to use the power of divine support to ease your fears and to build in the trust of infinite love. So the power of intention, prayer, and support, can be our spiritual tools that assist us in building our desire for personal and global transformation.


I ask you to reflect and pick one of these donations to offer, every week, for the next 52 weeks (or ask Spirit for how long) to be gifted on “Miracle Mondays” which will support your commitment and the power of intention. All these offerings reflect the number 1 in numerology…

$1, $10, $19, $28, $37, $46, $55, $64, $73, $82, $91, $100,

Or pick the powerful master number combinations of, $111, $1110, $1111

Feel as you read the meanings of 1 in numerology-

  • New energy
  • Starting fresh
  • Moving forward leaving the past behind
  • Take action to get things moving
  • Taking one step at a time
  • Take a big leap towards greater love
  • Awakening the magician within which owns your divine birthright to be powerful- you have more power than you realize- you already own the power for change to occur
  • Permission to receive what we really dream of
  • To connect to what moves you? What inspires you?

Meaning of 111, 1111-

Big energy of “New beginnings on the biggest, most Universal and grand level possible- where dreams can become a reality and the darkness of the past can be peacefully surrendered and released.” ~Alana Fairchild; Messages in the Numbers


Then say this prayer to open up the flow of miracles, support, synchronicities, guidance, and the direction to share in your offering.

Divine Spirit of All of Creation,

I am ready, open, and willing to take a big leap into greater love and to allow the ripple of this love to expand into all of humanity for the greatest good of all. You know what this is. I will listen and follow your lead as I commit to sharing in my wealth with humanity to create the change that is needed to awaken us all to the remembrance of oneness, abundance, co-creation, and the power we already have within us to create the change we seek and to find inner peace to ignite world peace, expanding in the infinite Truth of love.

With your guidance, I will commit to donating my wealth, which is truly your wealth of _____ every week for 52 weeks, on Miracle Mondays, to a cause, one in need, or however you show me to support humanity in the love transformation that is needed.

May you build my trust and knowing that there is more than enough for all and that all my needs will be met and the love I share will expand in every aspect of my being and into my life.

Guide me Divine Spirit each week with excitement, knowingness, and the joy of witnessing and receiving beautiful miracles as you show me where my offering needs to go.

I am eternally grateful for your infinite love, guidance, and support, as I join in oneness with All That Love Is. And so it is.


I also want to share in the intention of supporting those that are committed, like Rick, in sharing in their passion to create change, help others, and support the healing of humanity and the planet. I will create a separate Facebook Page where people can share their passion and causes for others, to choose from to donate to. I also want this page to share in the experiences of how you were guided to share and what it felt like to share in your kindness and abundance. Please also share what healings and miracles occurred for all in both the giving and receiving of your offering of love. I welcome you to share on this page what it was like for you to look at your fears and if you broke free from the constrictions of your past.

CLICK HERE to join the Facebook Page

I would love to support you with Facebook Live events of sharing and teaching to grow in the flow of love.

Thank you!

This is my passion to inspire… so we wake up and remember that we are all one and the return to love is essential for our happiness and world peace. I share in this project of inspiration and change in hope that it supports you in the remembrance of who you really are… pure love and infinitely connected to the oneness of all of creation. Lets wake up and remember together.

***Please Share the 111 Project with your family and community. Can you imagine all of us co-creating together as one and the ripple of miracles manifesting the reality of heaven on earth? And so it is!


Keep putting out good. It will come back to you tenfold in unexpected ways.


Here is a video from Facebook Live….