I feel all my major life challenges; cancer, the sudden death of my sister, and all the twists and turns of divorce, ignited a deeper inner desire to answer the question that emerged through the pain and confusion, Who am I and why am I here? My “human being” struggled with the feelings of being a victim of life and my thoughts were focused on “Why me?”

Can anyone relate?

As I searched for relief from the pain, struggle and despair, a deeper desire and intention emerged; I really wanted to know and experience the answer to the persistent, awakened thought within…Who am I and why am I here? This intention created a path for me to re-member the power that lied dormant within.

As I was writing this, I could feel those of you who are going to read this and immediately relate in some way. My passion is to share and inspire through experience. So allow me to plant a seed of Truth in your heart and may this help you take back your power to create a significant shift or even to initiate miracles.

The Truth is..

Life is not happening to you. You have a choice and your power lies within your choices.

Life is a journey and we will all have threads of experiences that create the intricate tapestry of our lives. I have witnessed thousands of angel readings, soul and life coaching sessions, and I have not witnessed a single soul that avoids the experiences pain, grief and trials and tribulations.

As I discovered, you remain powerless if you believe yourself to be the victim of your life. You reclaim your power and potential for change when you decide to be the victor by going within to rediscover your inner alchemist who transforms darkness into light, pain into peace and fear into love.

The key to your empowerment in any situation is…

You get to choose how you react to your life no matter what you are faced with; sickness, loss of a loved one, relationship issues, financial difficulties or emotional distress. I am not going to say it’s easy; especially when you feel life is unfair and you are drowning in your emotions. Yet, your soul called out to you to read this, to plant the seed of empowerment, to show you, that you do have a choice.

So are you ready to make a choice to ignite your divine power and potential from within? Are you ready to create a shift in your life?

I imagine your next question is… HOW?????

Start with the power of intention. You know what you are feeling and experiencing. Be honest. Say it out loud or write it down. Now, ask yourself, “What do I really want to feel?”

If you feel powerless maybe you want to feel powerful.
If you feel pain maybe you want peace.
If you feel lonely maybe you want to feel connected.
If you feel lost or confused maybe you want clarity.
If you feel stuck maybe you want to feel free.

You know what you are feeling. So take a moment and set your intention. What do you really want to feel?

In Life Coaching, you encourage your client to get clear about what they really want to feel and experience in their lives. Then you work with them, brainstorming ideas to initiate that feeling in their present life. For example, if you desire peace in your life, then think of the places or activities that bring you peace, like walking in nature, taking a bath or meditating. Then you commit to yourself to take inspired action now. You don’t sit around waiting for it to come to you.

This initiates the shift, the change you are seeking. You own your divine power in the present moment by making choices to become one with the vibration of peace (or whatever you desire to feel) which therefore ignites the law of attraction and reveals more experiences and opportunities to feel what you desire.

I would encourage you to accelerate the manifestation of your desires by inviting and allowing the universe, your guides and angels to support you. Ask for help and then pay attention to the clues that guide you. Notice books that come your way and people who cross your path gifting you a message. Follow your intuition as you listen to your inner voice and record the coincidences, synchronicities and divine signs that come your way. Remember you don’t have to manifest alone unless you stubbornly choose to do so. Help is everywhere and the truth is, the universe is abundant with unlimited answers and possibilities.

Hopefully you received my intention today…to help you remember how powerful you are (and always have been). May you exercise the power of choice to initiate change in any moment, no matter what is unfolding in your life.

A Prayer to support you…

Dearest angels, I sometimes forget who I really am and how powerful I am, especially when I experience challenges and painful situations in my life. I ask you to please surround me in your unconditional love and support. Help me remember the truth, that I am powerful. Remind me to focus my intention and choices on my deepest desires and to start taking action now. Wake me up so I can feel and know that I am whole and my true essence is holy and one with love. I invite and allow (choose the feeling)____________ into my life NOW. Please show me the miracles to support me in becoming one with my deepest desires. Thank you and so it is”