The words found in the dictionary to define worry are; distressed, uneasy, concerned, anxious and troubled. Notice how these words make you feel in this moment. How much of your time and energy are immersed in these thoughts? Thoughts of worry can cause exhaustion and even sickness. Worry does not serve you or the person or situation involved.Take some time in these precious moments to ask the angels for help with any thoughts of worry you may have concerning work, relationships, money, sickness, children and the list goes on.

Steps to Release and Transform Worry

1. Set your intention to release worry and to focus on developing more faith, trust and peace.
2. Ask for help and pray to your guardian angels for divine intervention.
3. Imagine or place your worries in a “God Box” and surrender them to God and the angels.
4. Ask for divine intervention and divine resolution to occur.
5. Focus on gratitude and visualize your desired outcome.

A powerful prayer to heal worry:

“Dearest Guardian Angels come to me now. Please transform my worries into faith, trust and feelings of peace. I surrender and trust that you will take care of (state your desire) and bring it to divine resolution for the highest and greatest good of all, better than I could ever imagine. Please fill me with peace and strength and help me to focus my thoughts on a positive outcome. Thank you for this miracle and your loving support.”

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