How often do you have the opportunity to move forward with an idea, a dream or experience something you really want but you don’t act on it because of fear? I have had clients that don’t travel because of fear of flying, don’t date because they hold onto the fear of losing their independence, don’t lose weight because they might be vulnerable, don’t leave the job they hate because they fear change and the list goes on.

I wanted to share a recent experience where I had the choice to pursue a dream or let fear stop me in my tracks. In April I attended the Movers and Shakers event put on by Hay House in Boston. It was a weekend workshop to help you get your message out into the world and to take your career to a whole new level. As part of the course everyone had the opportunity to submit a video for a chance to host a weekly show on Hay House Radio for a month.

I am passionate about doing Radio. I have hosted my own show “Creating Heaven on Earth” for a year and a half on two radio stations. I remember saying to Louie that I felt I had done this before even though I hadn’t (at least not in this lifetime). It felt so natural and I loved the medium of radio. This chance to host a show was a dream for me, to imagine myself on Hay House Radio having the opportunity to share my message and my work with thousands, possibly millions.

The dream was big but so was my fear as I began the process of preparing for my video and actually implementing it.

(So I ask you to reflect on this thought as I continue to share, “How often do you let fear control you to the point that you just don’t pursue what you really want in your life?”)

The first realization of fear was my need to procrastinate. I found everything else was more important that sitting down to write the script for my video. Then my mind started kicking in and my thoughts went wild. All I heard were the following excuses:

“You’re not good enough.” (comparing myself to other video submissions)
“Its a competition. You don’t like or agree with competition”
“I won’t look good on camera. I won’t film well. I need to lose weight.”
“I don’t have time for this.”
“What will people think”
“What if I don’t get picked? That means failure and I don’t like to fail”

Do you think these thoughts were coming from a place of love or fear? After all the work I’ve done, I knew what I was dealing with and it was definitely fear. So I had a choice. Was I going to allow fear to hold me back or was I going to challenge this fear and move through it? So, I chose love. I focused on my pure intention, the love and passion I have for radio and the opportunity to do what I love on a whole new level with a company that is on my wish list to work with.

To challenge my fear and choose love I decided to reach out and ask for help. I sat with a focus group of previous students and clients to help me clarify my message, I hired a life coach to help me work through my fears and to create an action plan and I asked a friend who does video to coach me and give me feedback. I also reached out to my angels and asked them to help me release my fears and to provide me with courage, passion and clarity.

Then I had to take the action steps to “just do it” (not ironic that this is a workshop I teach since you teach best what you most need to learn). I prioritized the time and I practiced for hours over the course of 3 days until I finally felt passionate about what I was doing. As I reached that feeling of passion, this is when the gift was revealed and I recognized the truth. It wasn’t about me. It was all about my passion for the message which is, “to inspire others to dream big and create their own experience of Heaven on Earth with the help of the divine”.

Through this journey of creating my video I had the opportunity once again to practice and live what I teach others. So now I will ask you. Are you ready to challenge your fears and find the courage to dream big, ask for help, believe in yourself and receive everything you need to manifest your heart’s desires?

Watch my video for inspiration and my wish for you is, that you find the courage to live your dream.

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