May this video support you in releasing your fears around money so you can trust and work with the Divine to be supported in all ways.

Please check out The 111 Project and see how miracles are unfolding everyday for many…

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  1. I woke up this morning and clicked on your video and wow is this for me. Yes, yes this is exactly what I need to hear. This is my tribe this is what I am connecting too. This is where I’m suppose to be, have and do. Yes I have just decided to give $11.01 on a consistent basis.
    I already have a generous and giving spirit. I am seeking another part time stream of income. I have faith. I believe that this it is done. But I go into fear and anger sometimes. I just watched Doreen Virtue video’s on releasing fear and I had an emotional response. which surprised me. Now here is another releasing fear and giving video. Since I first saw you online I saved the link but I am just now sitting down and taking the time to listen and connect. I am so glad I did. I am here I am connected now.

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