This weekend Heaven on Earth hosted my dear soul friends Elizabeth and Win Harper. They were here facilitating one of my favorite workshops, Future Gifts for the Present Moment and Elizabeth honored us with her color and angel mediation at the Angel Fair on Sunday.

I met Win and Elizabeth at an expo we were both speaking at about 6 years ago and there was an instant soul connection between all of us. A matter of fact, when we left each other after the weekend I started to cry and said to Louie, “I hate to say goodbye again” even though it was the first time we meant. Since then, it feels natural and joyful to be with them and we reconnect as often as we can including spending time speaking at different expos as well as having our booths side by side. Then we can work and play at the same time.

In my future regression during their workshop this weekend, I met with my future self 20 years from now.  She shared with me that the most important gifts of my life where family, friends and the connections I would make here on earth. Its true! I know my greatest joy is when I spend time with family, meeting new spiritual partnerships through the center and traveling with work and working with clients and students as I witness their healing, growth and connection with the divine.

I love taking time to be the student and to connect with this higher wisdom and truth. It puts life back into perspective and yes its nice to make money, create success and have nice things but it doesn’t mean much without the joyful love of family, friends and new connections.

So take time to appreciate you and the joyful connections in your life. If certain people are draining your energy or bringing you down then step back and recreate. You have the power and if don’t know how to go about doing this then ask your angels for help.

I am sharing with you below a co-creation video that Elizabeth and I made this weekend which combines her weekly ColorScope and messages from the angels. You will feel and witness what joy we had in creating this and sharing it with you. She and Win are both a blessing in our lives and I recommend signing up for her newsletter and weekly ColorScope. Here website is

Blessings of Love, Karen Paolino Correia

Prayer for the Week: Joyful Connections
“Dearest angels help me to remember that I deserve to experience love, connection and joy in all my relationships with family, friends, co-workers and all those I meet. Where needed, empower me with your strength and courage to set healthy boundaries with those that drain my energy and remind me that I have a choice to choose love with them or to walk away. From this moment forward, I choose to emanate love within me and around me so I may attract loving and meaningful relationships into my life. Thank you angels for teaching how to do this and for reminding me, that love is a choice and when I surround myself with love I can naturally experience joy.”

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